Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday July 25

As Luna squares passive Neptune rx this Monday morning, we could feel a little naive or over trusting as sensitivities become challenged. Dreams or memories from our past begin to cloud our minds. Important decisions should be placed on hold until later. With today’s Moon in Gemini, we have the potential of intellectualizing our emotions, or simply walking away from them. The mutable energy is quick to lose interest, sort of like ‘out of site, out of mind’. By evening, Luna creates a pleasant sextile to outgoing Sun, and inspirational Uranus. Tarot insight from Eight of Pentacles rx, Ace of Pentacles: We’re unaware of the power we hold.

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  1. This so far sums up my morning. It has been everything but nice, emotional and sensitive. Tears and frustration. Communicating and posting post in forums etc etc, I am so much lucking forward to the sextile with the Sun this evening. Thanks Suzi as always you write with excellency.
    Love Anna