Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday June 20, ‘Those are Fightin’ Words’, Mars enters Gemini

Opportunities are available as our emotions and ego harmonize nicely as Moon trines popular Sun this afternoon, but we could overreact when Moon squares impatient Mars shortly after. Luna enters the mystical waters of Pisces today, which allows us to become emotionally available to all that surrounds us. We feel and experience much more than normal with these sensitive vibrations being wide open. This is favorable energy for our creative imagination to go to work, such as those with artistic skills, writers, musicians, intuitives, and healers. After dinner, Moon conjuncts foggy Neptune rx, as we blend with others when she sextiles happy Jupiter.

Energetic Mars leaves lead-foot Taurus today, to enter speed-racer Gemini for the next six weeks. Mars is our energy and how we go about getting the things. In Gemini, we’re moving faster, like Speedy Gonzales. We’re light and airy on our feet, and our energy level should begin to pick up generously, especially with Saturn direct. We’ back to movin’ and groovin’ again, but we’re interested in catching more information and advice from others – to avoid running into any clouds that may darken our journey. Mars is the ruler of Aries, known as God of War. Mars enjoys a good brawl, as it just feels natural, but it’s a good way to feed the ego and get the blood moving each day. In Gemini, Mars will most likely have two disputes going on (in the sign of the twins). We’ll be looking for movement in our lives, and words will communicate it faster. Words will be charming and friendly at start, but like a telemarketer who isn’t getting their way, communication quickens in speed, while double-talking themselves. We could see strong words developing into heated discussions, aggressive emails and texts, as well as pushy phone calls, angry words, malicious gossip, creating rumors. Perhaps we try calling the person who interviewed us, and we’re being much pushier this time to get through. I think you get the picture. Mars doesn’t know how to take no for an answer, he’s determined to satisfy the ego – and with the airy element, it simply feeds the fire.

Mars in Gemini has a positive force as well, where we can take control by making contact with others. It’s a great placement for politicians, speakers, teachers, social networking, and management to give motivational speeches – because the goal is to get others ‘fired up’. Some of us can also take an active part in simply moving forward, making light of issues, like fleeing from a situation, a relationship, or like a ‘hit and run’. But with Pluto retrograde, last chances are running thin, especially as suspicions rise with Mercury in Cancer. We need to remember the lessons learned in the past six months as Saturn retrograde Libra (relationships) and to stay realistic. But Mars in Gemini is trying to barter now, but it’s obvious that negotiation isn’t Mar’s forte, as his ego thinks more about his own welfare, than anyone else’s. We’re halfway through the month now, and it’s a good time to check back with June’s Tarotscopes. Tarot insight: Ten of Cups, Eight of Cups rx: Although the hole in our heart is felt, we do our best to move forward.

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