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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday June 27 Universal shift, Mars sextiles Uranus

The energy flows brilliantly today as Mars sextiles Uranus this morning. It’s a day of action as the intellect communicates nicely with brawn. Invent new ways to open doors and unlock opportunities. Brainstorming and imaginative work is favorable. The winds of change create a widespread shift, sweeping away debris, removing cobwebs, and airing things out. Positive shift. On Friday, we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse to help us direct these moving vibrations. Check out my pal Astrogrrl and her latest article about this coming cosmic event. The Taurus Moon keeps us emotionally level-headed and determined to work for what we experience as wealth. Have you been feeling the shift of energy? Add a comment below as to what you have experienced. I hope to find some extra time to share my story with you in a coming post. Tarot insight: King of Pentacles rx, Six of Swords rx: We’re unaware of the pressure we’re putting onto others.

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  1. The main thing I have experienced is an decrease range of emotional energy both good and bad. People arguing over things they don´t normally find annoying.
    I on the other hand has an decreased level of creativity. The New Moon on my 40th birthday will be exciting.
    I do beleive that this shift and its effect on the earth goes both ways, it all depends on how we choose to handle the amount of energy cast upon us with the invicible force of the universe.

  2. Yes Suzi, I’ve felt a Big-Time emotional shift in the last few days. I couldn’t understand what has been happening but I figured it must be something cosmically related as I’m very sensitive energetically. Thanks as usual for the explanation…

  3. Happy Fabulous 40th, Anna!

  4. I choose to interpret the changes I see with a focus on synchronicity ~ how are things connecting for the commitments I’ve made in My life? I acknowledge Myself for recognizing habits of self-sabotage-projected-onto-others in a relationship I was entertaining and was able to dodge the bullet, as the expression goes. Instead of moping around and making Myself miserable that the fantasy quickly showed that it would never be the reality, the act of paying attention allowed Me to keep loving Myself to evolve through a predictable disappointment. I focused on forgiveness for and acceptance of Myself and the other person involved that Our efforts didn’t turn out to be “Disney” but more like “Wes Craven”! These cosmic energies are presenting Us with the opportunity for self-reflection with a loving embrace and We can see the emotional maturity levels of those around Us (and Ourselves) and choose to respond rather than react for the benefit of all involved. This is an amazing time to enjoy accepting One’s personal responsibility. As always, Thanx Starcana!

  5. Interesting observations Anna, as I too have seen the arguing and felt irritation myself at situations and people that I had been experiencing great patience and care. Balance perhaps for me. I’ve also noticed a lot of denial in people, putting it back on others instead. Lessons for everyone to be sure, but it will be nice when things settle a bit more.

  6. Kelton says

    Maybe it’s not supposed to be easy for men in our culture to cry, but I have released emotional energy by crying several times lately when certain things meaningful for me come up. I’m more cheerful than usual, but also sleepy and tired all the time and have to discipline myself to go forward. I’ve been doing a lot of work on boundaries and looking at my relating patterns anyway for the last couple of moons. I’m married with my own “inner-bitch.” When others run over with energy I’m just fascinated instead of triggered. I feel mostly excited and optimistic about what’s going on because I feel like the grounding, boundaries, healing, personal power that I’ve been seeking all my life are finally coming together! Maybe I did my homework right and am ready for the shift. If not, I welcome it anyway. Uranus is on my Ascendant and works through my whole life with surprises and I like when it’s triggered, especially with Mars!

    It’s the end of the month and I’m broke as usual. But I have experienced an abundance this month that goes beyond my income and have a deeper feeling of the power of my attraction and my ability to manifest and am feeling confident and secure today about just about everything.

    Maybe the Tarot insight indicates I have to be careful not to overwhelm others. I’ve recently has a Mars return, Venus return and Friday a solar return and my cardinal emotional power tends to pervade.

  7. Kelton says

    I appreciate you comment! Loving and accepting ourselves is key and you are a good role-model!

  8. Too bad you are married 🙁
    Where do I find a guy like you?

  9. You are correct Anna, there is much tension in the air. Learn something totally new, to inspire creativity. And a happy 40th birthday to you! I hope that it brings you much happiness and cheer!

  10. Thank you for stopping by Linda, always a pleasure – even if it is over a cosmic quirk!

  11. Seriously, I couldn’t have said it any better Didi, THANK YOU!

  12. We can blame Saturn’s heavy influence that still exists in Libra (the scales). We are to have (or learn) discipline, moral responsibility, fairness, and courtesy in our relationships and in our interactions with others. I look forward to the settled energy as well Moon.

  13. Your awareness, ability to express your emotions, and trust is a beautiful gift Kelton! We girls appreciate that stuff! Thank you for stopping by, and I also apologize for calling you Robert on Twitter.