Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday March 14

Moods shift throughout the day as planetary aspects challenge our inner needs. We may be too rigid as protective Cancer Moon squares Saturn/Mars quincunx. Restrictions may pop up if rely on insecurities instead of on possibilities. If a door is locked, try another. Later, a promise is fulfilled as Venus (love/money) trines Saturn (dedication). We receive what we have sown, so plant your seeds wisely. And since Saturn is retrograding in Libra, we may find ourselves reevaluating and rebuilding our personal and professional relationships now. Today’s insight is from Page of Cups and The Lovers rx: ‘We want it, but we’re afraid to obligate ourselves’.

I received a really rockin’ customer testimonial in the starcana mailbox this weekend and thought I’d share: “Hi Suzy, I wanted to say thanks for the reading and for your kindness and professionalism. Too many readers are lacking in both areas so it was much appreciated. Everything was understood and right on with the reading. I will save it as always and have an update sometime later this year. Thanks again. Sincerely Jeff.”

On a personal note, I made a vow to myself last year to expand my knowledge, my line of work, and my spiritual background by studying the practice of yoga – connecting my mind and spirit work, with the body. The idea came to me as I kept my eye on Jupiter and Uranus (big changes). I didn’t want this to be something that I would try for just a few weeks and quit, because this was a path that had spoken loudly and personally, so I took my decision a few steps further by registering for a nine month yoga course. It’s now nine months later, and my  promise to myself has been fulfilled as I graduated today ~w00t w00t!~ and I am officially a Certified Yoga Teacher. I’ve sown some really good seeds. And while I have some professional yoga plans brewing (which will eventually be added to my website), I will seriously be concentrating on thoroughly cleaning my house first and updating my site with a new schedule later this week.

But if you are in the local Greensburg area and have an interest in learning yoga, working out, feeling good about yourself – mind, body and spirit, while having fun, then I highly recommend MoonGlow Yoga for the friendly staff and their integrity in providing professional service, beginner to experienced classes, varied workshops, teacher training courses and certifiable knowledge, cleanliness, and dedication to work within ethical guidelines.

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