Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday March 21, Man-Made Power Surge, Sun Conjunct Uranus

The winds of change are upon us as popular Sun conjuncts renegade Uranus this morning. We’re aware of our self and of our surroundings. We do what we want, and our uniqueness prevails. Brainstorming allows us to see into the future, so where do you see yourself? Take a step into that direction today. A change of leadership or management could take place. Conjunctions can lean either way, but with Sun and Uranus both in Aries, there is a passionate streak for control. Strong power surges could light up the sky, possibly a freak of nature thing. Use caution with electricity, electrical outlets, driving, and machinery. Unusual sparks or fire may develop. Technology or a new invention could grab our attention. For some odd reason, I get this weird image of a Frankenstein (or his creator) with an god-awful grin as sparks flare from his head. A man-made monster? Something made in our image? Perhaps with man trying to replicate natural energy with nuclear Don’t to jump to conclusions as I speak out-loud, I’m just trying to make sense of the images that I receive. Man-made power surges could be a few different things. But with Sun and Uranus both in warrior Aries, along with Jupiter  and Mercury the fiery energy is high and mighty. If used correctly it can produce inspirational magic, but there’s just a little too much testosterone floating around, and Uranus likes unusual surprises. Expect the unexpected. Insight is delivered to us with an afternoon Moon/Neptune trine, so be sure to listen to that small inner voice. Later, Luna enters reflective Scorpio and our sensitivities may begin to overwhelm us. A little quality time to ourselves can do a world of good for us. Today’s insight is from the Three of Swords rx and Ace of Swords rx: We’re uncertain if we should go forward with our plans.

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