Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday March 28, Rebel Yell, Jupiter Saturn Opposition, Sun Pluto Square

Dark clouds are upon us now, as storms brew in the cosmos. Depending on your personal natal chart, it could be a quiet day and pass by without much influence. But power struggles are emerging as Sun squares Pluto causing inner clashes deep within. The strength of ego and identity is challenged by the dark force of transformation. Heightened fury may cause explosive outbreaks. Deep psychological issues rise to the top, breaking the normalcy of patterns, and participation in matters that we are not comfortable with anymore. Hidden secrets that have been kept contained are shattered. Freedom is sought out, and we defend ourselves to the end. It is light against darkness, equal in power, and as one. Pluto is a destroyer of the mold and corruption, and Sun is confidence and power. Possibilities of nuclear issues expanding, major earth storms, leaders forced from their command, hidden enemies/weapons exposed (human or nonhuman), confidential information exposed, bullying, rebel against a father or dominating parent, downfall of security, broken spirits. These are two powerful planets, and only with the right approach to work together, could we see some positive news with groundbreaking relief and superior progress. Alternative methods are necessary. Otherwise, the potency of this cardinal energy speaks of dominance with Pluto in Capricorn, and taking control with the Aries Sun. Respect is necessary, in the Universe, on Earth, and also in our relationships. But there probably aren’t any rules since Pluto fights dirty, but Aries is a surviving war hero. This energy can be favorable in conquering your own inner battles and finding your unrevealed strength and power.

We also have Jupiter opposing Saturn rx, a ‘push me, pull you’ between two strengths: enormous and sufficient. Jupiter expands and goes to the extreme, while Saturn rx uncovers flaws and places limitations. Possibilities could create a humungous change in foundations, government, tradition, property and the terrain. We could see major reductions in spending, increased rules, serious precautions, legal knowledge versus unwritten law, a rise in security, and optimism in short supply. Boundaries are heavily regulated now, and what we’ve become accustomed to, is sliced. Both planets have their own karmic value, so we see equality creating a necessary balance. Saturn in Libra (balance) retrograde, assessing issues and doing what is necessary to create fairness. A tantrum may be expected if the narcissistic inner child of Jupiter in Aries is not satisfied with new restrictions from constant ‘fixer-upper’ Saturn rx in Libra. Confront issues maturely, and negotiate for balance. If we’re feeling caged in, believe it or not, there can be an opportunity found in controlling wide spread fires.

With the Moon is Aquarius, our natural tendency will want to intellectualize and search for a solution. The Aquarian Moon causes us to become unemotional and distant in close relationships. In bigger issues, the natural renegade is released and ready to push back. With two harmonious sextiles to futuristic Uranus and influential Sun, communications can be opened and give us confidence of finding a solution. Today’s insight is from High Priestess rx and The Moon rx: Ignorance causes major errors.

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