Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday March 7

No heavy traffic in the cosmos today, so it’s definitely full speed ahead. The day could start off on the cranky side as Luna opposes stern Saturn, but the energetic Aries moon is here to carry us through any rough spots. If you’ve lacked direction or energy in the last few weeks, it’s no doubt with the number of planets that we have transiting in distracted Pisces. Try giving yourself a small ‘to do’ list to put a little order into your day (or even for the next few weeks ahead). The energy is favorable for self-motivation, starting new projects, encouraging others, and showing off our leadership skills. This is a passionate Moon so expect a faster pace throughout the day, along with the possibility of dealing with the shadow side of impatience, entitlement, or disagreements. Insight from Seven of Swords rx and Justice rx: ‘You’ll only be cheating yourself if you stoop down to their level’.

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