Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday May 2, Osama bin Landen death

The Moon entered patient Taurus in the wee hours, and our sensitivities are slow and steadied now, as we make sense of what we are experiencing today. Around dinner she will trine healing Pluto, as her energy increases for tomorrow’s New Moon.

I was working on some paperwork last night when my show was interrupted with the news at 10:45pm EST that Osama Bin Laden was killed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims who have suffered from this day of tragedy, but also to all of those who were affected by this horrible day on a larger scale – for it has not been just New York who has had pain, but it has been the world. Although justice has been served, it will not bring loved ones back, but may all find a little peace now. Gratitude to our servicemen who have done a  terrific job in protecting our country, and saving  the world from any more attacks from this particular person.

I guess I am still in shock with the news, not so much because of his death – but more because of the memories that have been flooding in from that time period. September 11 was a horrible day as Pluto (Death ) transit Sagittarius (Belief of Trust and Goodness). A time period that would transpire much death, which was followed by a long war. I remember hearing the phone ring that day, a friend called to see if I heard the news that we were being attacked. Immediately, I turned on the television around 9am, and listened to what was happening, and out of the blue and broadcasted live, the second plane came in and hit the other tower in New York. There was the other attack on the pentagon, and then another a few miles from here in Pennsylvania. I still remember the fear, scattering, wondering what the smart thing would be to do. Like everyone, I digested so much of the reporting at that time, We all absorbed a great injection of toxic bacteria, the abundance of pain and fear with Pluto’s psychological intensity. I’ve been thinking of my own experiences for the past decade, where I have experienced loss in trust and goodness with friends and family, but how about you? How have things shifted and twisted for you since then? What war have you internalized with yourself since then, that you can see is not doing you any good. You can look at the house where Pluto was transiting on 9/11/2001 that caused much disturbance for you intellectually and emotionally. What or how has it affected you, years later.

My own little war has been in my third house of communications, siblings, neighbors – as my Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius is flawed I guess, for believing in people too much, as I got smacked down pretty good for it. I’ve shared my story, ‘coming out of the closet’, to share the real truth – winning my own inner war – against them. So it’s interesting to watch and experience another ‘inner war’ be won, whether that be with the death of Osama bin Laden, or with many of the experiences that my clients have been adjusting to. While retaliation may be expected, we’ve scared some points, but we are not out of the clear. But seriously, how much cleared can the statement be: ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger’. I know many of you can relate.

So here we are in the past months, writing all about the great astrological shifts that are brought on with Jupiter (fortune and abundance) and Uranus (change and individuality), confirming that we are finding ourselves again, detaching from much from that has been like sticky black tar on our skin (Pluto). Jupiter and Uranus bring a change in luck, so we see situations flip flopping and balancing (Saturn in Libra), to create righteousness with all these planets that have been in knightly Aries. Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn (earth, foundation), bring us inside ourselves, to let go of what has been rocking our world and stability for many years. Healing and closure (Pluto) is possible as a cycle ends (at least with one terrorist), but also, many of us may be seeing an end of our own cycle with tough experiences and situations. We are finding our own freedom (Uranus) and truth (Jupiter) again as individuals, but also as a country, with belief and faith being reestablished in our inner foundation (Saturn retrograde) and our individual power (Pluto). Tarot insight from King of Swords, Ace of Pentacles rx: What we see may be tainted.

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  2. […] of how much work we still need to complete. You can check out my recent post as I remember 911, or check out the May Tarotscope. Connect with me on Facebook… or Follow/Like my BRAND NEW […]