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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: October 13, 2011, Words that Kill, Mercury enters Scorpio

We may get a grip on what we are looking for as Venus sextiles Pluto. With Venus in Scorpio, we’re doing some investigative work on the value of what we have our eye set on. What we want is taking priority, and our hunger is driving us toward it, kinda like dangling the carrot in front of the horse. Our goal sits right in front of our eyes, which keeps us focused and driven. Pluto adds a mystery ingredient that creates a magical spice.

After a few weeks of Mercury transmitting good manners in classy Libra, he travels into the swampy realm of Scorpio. In Scorpio, our thoughts become dark, hidden, and suspicious in the weeks ahead. We think about the unseen, and the possibility of pitfalls, so we are much more careful and secretive about our agenda. Shadows that are brewing inside of our minds will eventually escape, and when this happens, toxic sensitivities are released. It’s the sting of the Scorpion, when threatened of losing their power, they quickly attack, in a self-defense mode. Speaking our minds can be deadly during the next three weeks, with a high potential of using words that can kill. Without self-control of our emotions, communications may be forcefully expressed, in order to put an end to a situation or relationship. But Mercury in Scorpio is not to be confused with being negative or scary. It’s crystal clear and sharp vision, IF we keep our feelings separate and pay attention to details. We have the ability to see exactly what is happening now, with the ability to dig a little deeper and get to the root. Words may be delivered in a hurtful way if we aren’t delicate with what we deliver. Mercury is about learning to communicate information, but in Scorpio, the information that we intake and express could be scary and shadowed with doubts and mystery. Venus in Scorpio places importance on power and control, while Mercury in Scorpio seeks it and speaks of it, but in a concealed way. It’s an excellent time to learn how to read between the lines, and the only way to do so, is to quiet our voice and listen to what is really being said. It is about having awareness, and understanding how our thoughts and words affect those around us.

By dinner, a shadow is casted upon our inner light as Sun conjuncts heavy Saturn. We can allow the dark gloom to rain our parade, or we can pick ourselves up and test our strength with some serious weightlifting. “It is usually the imagination that is wounded first, rather than the heart; it being much more sensitive.” Henry David Thoreau. Tarot insight: Strength rx, Knight of Wands rx: We’re beaten by our own weaknesses.

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