Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: October 3, 2011, Enforcing our Rules, Mars square Jupiter rx

Reactions and movements can be off guard, quick, and grand as Mars squares Jupiter rx in the wee hours of the morning, From whatever direction that we thought we were pursuing in our lives, our course takes a hard U-turn. We’re taking care of number one and saving our own behinds. No apologies, as it’s ‘every man for himself’. Someone may jump ship and not follow up on their half of the bargain. It’s out of our hands, just as quick as it came in. Explosions, angry words, or mistakes, or accidents can be the result, if we’re unaware as to how our smallest actions can affect others. Slow down, pay attention, and listen well today. Giddiness turns somber when Moon enters the serious realm of Capricorn. We’re ready to take on our duties and produce something real. We may be caught off guard as need to act quickly while Luna squares Uranus. Moon conjunct in control Pluto this afternoon, then trines appreciative Jupiter rx this evening, to square resistant Sun. “A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us” Friedrich Nietzsche. Tarot insight: Tower rx, Three of Wands: We’re building from what has survived.

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  1. Wow. Makes me think of all the different protests going on. Hope everyone will be safe and smart.