Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday April 2, Fighting Anger Issues, Mars enters Aries

We have Sun (vitality), Jupiter (expansion), Mercury (communications), and Uranus (evolution) in the very fiery and active sign of Aries. Fire is beautiful, and it produces heat, movement, and illumination. It is creative, angry, and transforming. Put a lid on fire, and watch it become stifled, frustrated, and explosive – to break from barriers because it stands for something beautiful. Fire (like anger) burns, purifies, and disintegrates. Have you felt the creativity or the suffocating tension of the heat yet?

Mars (initiative) will join in on the rumble today, as he returns to his natural home in Aries. Mars is known as God of Fire and War, because he acts, pursues, fights, and takes control. Others may talk the talk, but Mars in Aries will walk the walk – and help us fight for what we believe in. We’re literally unstoppable and on fire now. We’re a human torch, we’re making the crossover, and we’re most likely burning bridges. Life is in the battlefield, and the fight that we choose (either with others, or ourselves) will determine our purpose and our direction. Things will continue to heat up as Moon (emotions) also enters Aries. Our sensitivities are passionate, raw, and energized. Intentions become ventures, and we are honoring our heart, by making life real.

With this intense energy, we may see creative eruptions, violent outbursts, sexual intensities, impulsive changes, shifts in leadership, enormous explosions, volcanic eruptions, wicked fires, brutal honesty, overactive brain activity, skin breakouts, crashing accidents, aggressive bullying, high speeds, angry bosses, egotistical testosterone, fierce competitors, assertive advertising, new discoveries, and courageous heroes.

I’ve got a lot of fire in my chart and usually refer to myself as a Fire Goddess. I know that my bold actions in life may have been misunderstood for pushiness, when I simply had an aim (my Sagittarius Sun) to make things happen. If you talk about creating a project or business idea, I will immediately act on it. I have fiery Mars at high noon in my natal chart along and a fiery Leo Moon close by, so igniting to make things happen comes natural to me. Fire is pure, true and righteous. It is what it is. If you haven’t noticed in my writings, having integrity in our word and actions is very important to me personally. Actions speak much louder than words, and the choices that make will either maintain or break the trust and respect that we have in our relationships with others, and with ourselves. Peace is then disrupted, the fights/wars begins, and all hell breaks loose. Which is much of what we should be learning with Saturn transiting Libra.

I am not a stranger to angry outbursts. Much of who I am is made of pure fire and passion. I’ve demonstrated that angry and creative fire in many areas of my life. My husband claims that my Italian background is why I am a hothead. Fire is the heart of an artist. It is the gift of vision, to problem solve, to destroy the unreal, and to create it’s true form. Fire can also be a curse, for we see what is wrong in society, but we can also see what is false in our personal connections with family and friends – but in reality, we can not control others or make situations ‘right’ – because it must be a two way street. So basically if someone continues to be unreal with their word and actions, fire has a natural urge and purpose to destroy what is flawed or fraudulent – to keep it true and real.

My purpose to this explanation, is that a lot of the negative aspects of fire is being seen in the world now.. from the many wars in the countries, attacks, killings, bullying, major earth and ocean storms, breakdown of relationships, and so on. As fire breathes, anger will exist if we believe a lie exists – like a promise that gets broken, or when someone isn’t being good on their word – which are basically the main ingredients for relationship failures with friendships, family, romantic partners, professional partnerships, etc. When someone lies, tricks, deceives, or changes the rules, communication and an agreement is destroyed, but so is the trust and respect each other.

This actually reminds me of an old friendship of someone who made a judgment against me and my choice of work to help people – because she claimed it was all evil and the work of satan. As you can imagine, her opinion made the friendship very uncomfortable after that, especially coming from someone who breaks moral laws and hurts other, but dismisses her own behavior. (I satisfy my self-respect and call this healthy anger lol). But did I say anything? No, because I can’t change people, I can only inform, so I told her that my purpose is to help others. To say anything more would be a waste, because ignorance doesn’t ask, it assumes.

Are anger issues something to proud of? No, not really, but confronting my anger taught me to stop looking at the outside world, and into myself. Anger taught me that I am a good person, and I stand up for what I believe in. Anger helped me to get to know myself better, exposing my passionate belief in righteousness, my courage in doing the right thing (even when others didn’t notice), and living with integrity. Sometimes my best friend Astrology, has to remind me that my very public Mars is the honorable warrior who fights and dies for others, but also for what they believe it. And if we don’t believe in you anymore, some of us will get a little over-heated.

“Always be willing to fight for what you believe in. It doesn’t matter if a thousand people agree with you or one person agrees with you. It doesn’t matter if you stand completely alone, fight for what you believe. ~W.D. Allan

For me, anger was my protective mechanism to defend in my own light, while challenging what wasn’t real. When I get angry, it’s because I can clearly see what is wrong – and where it is headed – but I can only correct myself, so I am left with a hot ball of energy that was suppose to wipe out the junk and create something sturdier. I found productive ways to use my hot ball of energy, but I am not embarrassed of it anymore. Volcanoes erupt because it’s a natural experience, and I was probably one helluva volcano in many life times. Moral of the story: However anger might be perceived, it is a force that simply warns us that something has gone wrong – kinda like when smoke touches a smoke alarm. Today’s insight is from Eight of Swords rx and Page of Cups: Brutal honesty heals.

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  1. Hurt (but) Healing Hothead says

    Lots of Wonderful insights in today’s Dirt!
    Thanks for sharing Suzi!! I love you even more now that I know about your hot ball of energy issues and the way you have accepted it, embraced it and are dealing with it…

  2. Thank you so much! ♥

  3. Wow, I love this and can relate to almost all of what you’ve shared. I always appreciate it when someone gets where my anger is coming from – so thanks for that!

    Lately though, I find the biggest battle is within myself as I struggle to hold myself in check with those (mostly strangers) who don’t value the truth, let alone play fair. I have lots of 8th house Aries placements exactly opposite lots of 2nd house Libra placements, combined with a retrograde 9th house Mars (conjunct the MC) square a 12th house Pluto (conjunct the AC). I love everything you said about living a life of integrity and being willing to courageously speak the truth.

    But it’s those times when my anger harms not heals that have really begun to bother me – no matter how loud, brutally honest, and apparently justified my anger is, it still can’t make someone acknowledge their lies or change their behavior. In fact, it usually gets turned against me by unintentionally making me the focus and weakening my case. My anger isn’t the problem, it’s the way I choose to express it.

    I’m with you though in that my anger is like a guided truth-seeking missile and I value the warnings it provides. In my case at least, I’m still learning how to speak softly, carry a big stick, and most importantly, never rebuke a fool. The truth is always going to piss certain people off, but if I’ve handled myself with grace, I can live with that.

    Thanks again for this post. I found you through Julie Demboski’s link and I’ll be back!

  4. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your story, comment, and your support! I can actually create a post with some points in your feedback, but Ive got dinner to cook and laundry to be folded – but look for a response in the next few days. And Julie is a twitter pal who TOTALLY rocks!


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