Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday April 23, Voices Carry, Mercury Stations Direct

After three weeks of funky discombobulations with our technical toys, communications, appliances, and vehicles ~ Mercury Stations Direct in Aries, which will slowly allow the natural flow of our transmissions to move us forward again. Our voice clears to carry us on, and we’ll be less stifled with what we’ve been trying to express. We don’t quite have the green light yet, as we should give it a few days to become more stable. The next three weeks is a shadow period, which encourages us to be careful with our words, to read the fine print of major purchases and agreements, and to pay attention and listen to details first. Take a moment or two to think about what you may have learned about yourself in the last few weeks, and the way your communications were affected.

The Moon is still in reserved Capricorn, and we’re putting our emotions into good use by staying busy with our work and responsibilities. There’s a good chance that we may feel tested throughout the day as Moon squares restrictive Saturn rx and uncertain Mercury SD in the morning. A grumpy mood may have us seeking solitude. Later she squares restless Mars, and hopeless Jupiter, and we may be over-reacting. Insight from the Empress rx and Six of Cups: We’re relying on unhealthy patterns again.

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