Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday April 30

Our charm peaks at high noon as Moon conjuncts the delightful Venus in the high heavens, but shortly after, clouds begin to push their way in. Moon (emotions) and Venus (desires/values) will both oppose ‘mr. party-pooper’ Saturn. While today’s Aries Moon will be encouraging us to be fearless and adventurous, grumpy Saturn retrograde will have other plans that restrict us from getting what we so desperately want. An old issue may revisit us today, reminding us of growing weaknesses that must be reevaluated – and most likely this will be in our relationships (Saturn rx Libra). Inner gloom will succeed if we allow it to rain our parade. Instead, let’s do our chores and do what is necessary. There’s a lesson to be learned. Afterwards, we can slip into our yellow rubber boots and go have fun splashing in mud puddles. Visit your May Tarotscope, and please donate ten dollars to the toward the latest disasters happening in the world. Tarot insight from Page of Swords rx, Ten of Pentacles rx: We assume that our hard work will be for nothing.

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  1. Haha, chores, indeed! I’ve got work today! But yep, I ain’t assuming that all my hard work won’t pay off!