Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday August 13, ‘Love ALL of Me’, Full Moon in Aquarius

Luna continues to travel through futuristic Aquarius, keeping us at a safe distance from being disturbed. Favorable energy for as siting others, participating in an organization, games, and entertainment. Later this afternoon, we want to hold on to something as Moon opposes hungry Venus. Shortly after, we have a Full Moon event as the day is fully reflective of our both our truth and our spirit. Nothing is able to stay hidden beneath this great light. What we’ve kept secretive and in the dark, comes front stage to reveal answers. With the Full Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, we give fully of ourselves. This is favorable energy to come out of your closet and shine. Expose yourself and leave nothing suppressed. It’s time to advertise your business, and to flaunt your skills at work. Share your feelings, and tell family, friends, and even co-workers that you love them. Share yourself, buy a stranger a cup of coffee, and donate a smile to someone who looks like they could use it. There are no limitations to your day, so be brilliant and true. Tarot insight for today: Three of Swords, Lovers: All’s fair in love and war. ~Starcana

‘Three things can not long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.’ Buddha

The annual Perseid meteor shower returns this week, but is expected to hit its peak activity in the overnight hours of Friday and Saturday (Aug. 13). While the full moon of August may interfere with the meteor display, the best time to catch the pretty light show (weather permitting) is during the predawn hours, especially on Saturday morning.

Check out my new tarot affirmation for the Aquarian Full Moon: What strengthens you, Truth or Lies?

We’re halfway through the month, how are you handling your August Tarotscope?

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