Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday August 27, Inner Storms, Underground Pipes, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes

We’re emotionally stable with the Moon/Saturn sextile. Our words and direction helps others, as well as ourselves. With Luna in majestic Leo, we’re confidant, and welcome challenges. Tarot insight: Our inner conflicts challenge us to grow.

On a personal note: I have a lot of personal stuff going through my head, so I thought I’d share, in honor of  Mercury Retrograde LOL. Most of my life, I avoided looking like the ‘psycho’ with my family, friends, work, college, and in my neighborhoods, by keeping much of my intuitive insight and ‘special knowledge’ to myself. Keeping all of this ‘in’ for years, and years, and years, was really just keeping ‘my true self’ in.. which resulted in others being ‘out of touch’ with the real me. I held onto my insights, psychic dreams, and my fears of what was to become. I had a good hold of my own skeletons, while at the same time I had been holding onto the secrets of my business clients, while holding onto hidden truths that belonged to my parents, sibling, relatives, and friends. I was use to ‘holding my tongue’ to keep peace and friendships. Hell, I genuinely believe that I programed my mind to ‘hold on’ to the extra weight my body carries, despite years of exercise and food limitations ~ but that’s a whole different topic LOL. But in some sense, I lost myself, by holding on. To find our true selves, we really DO need to let go. Pluto (transformation) had conjunct my Mercury (communications, thoughts) and Sun (individuality, self-expressions, vitality), but continues to transit my third house (communications, siblings, neighbors, lower mind, trips). It’s no wonder what and why everything happened as it had. I had lost my life as I knew it, along with my voice and my confidence in communicating. For years, I have been working really hard to re-learn everything all over again. As many of you already know, the purpose that I had started writing these daily insights was to learn how to find myself through my words, learning how to communicate, but also write more clearly. Yes, I know that I still can write too much, and I still make errors, but that’s because my fingers can’t keep up with the speed of my mind LOL. It’s true. My fingers literally trip and fall over one another.

But after experiencing many sensitive vibes in different forms over the past few years, I decided to start sharing more personal things about myself, including my ‘intuitive concerns’, so that my ‘real’ identity could finally find its way out of the burnt ashes, to rebirth itself. And what better way to do so, than publicly, by putting my money where my mouth is.

All this stuff is all coming up as it has been a crazy week in general, but for me it’s just been personal. I experienced so many physical/psychic sensitivities this week, that it just took me away from feeling productive in my readings, and in my daily writings. Had you noticed? I felt like I was about to shutdown. Knowing that, I had to pull myself away from my work, clients, and family, to re-connect with me. Let’s just say it was ‘bad’, as I literally thought my brain and eyes were going to explode from my head for three days. That was the first time that I ever had anything like that. It was pretty frightening, but I might have been being a baby, since headaches and migraines are practically non-existent for me. I took a break, sat out on the deck for a bit in the sun, then got a message from CNN that Colorado experienced one their strongest quakes in years. Well, that was like ‘holly-moly’ to me, as I have been a fanatic over earthquakes since all of my visions and physical sensitivities to them for the last few years, but especially in late 2009 and 2010 when visions of rings of fires came to me, over and over, despite me trying to brush them off. Eventually, I felt brave enough to start logging my sensations with dates to ‘predict’ a quake on my old blog intuitive vibrations.

But back to the present and all of my funkiness, I wanted to immediately tweet about Colorado, so I came back to my office and started to type. I felt the tremors that I always feel when I know a quake will happen, so I thought nothing of it. Plus I stopped my tremor logging obsession. All of a sudden, I noticed a squeaking noise, that would not stop. I looked away from the computer, and noticed that my two heavy filing cabinets were swaying as if they were light and empty. I stood and held onto my iMac, thinking ‘holy shite, NOT my computer!!!”. Well, that was when I realized that this wasn’t just another ‘psychic tremor’, but the REAL thing, and in MY yard! Yes, I’m an earthquake virgin. Although it was scary, it was an amazing experience, but that’s because nothing was damaged. And like the break of summer storm, my physical sensations finally began to fade. So instead of keeping my story to myself, I thought I’d share it with anyone who may find my kooky life interesting. You can share your own story or comments below. Oh, and FYI, I did have a vision check up today (just to be on the safe side LOL). I may be kooky, but I’m still a pretty logical girl. So my doc let me know that I have higher elevated pressure in my eyes, so I need to see a specialist, just to make sure all is fine. Otherwise, I am fine. And if I’m not, my story is logged LOL.

So here we are with the Hurricane Irene, traveling up the east coast. My thoughts and prayers continue for everyone under her wicked force. I hope that you too, will spare just thirty seconds to send a quiet thought of protection for them. With the urgency of this storm, I once again recall in one of my writings back in March of 2010, when I ‘snuck’ one of my visions into my astrological horoscopes. Here is a clipping:

‘My goal is not to freak anyone out, but to make them aware, so that they may prepare. I usually try to follow my own advice and talk to my husband when I see certain obstacles ahead, and with what may come… so I would personally suggest that if you qualify and live in an area where flooding is possible, use precaution and get flood insurance. I also would check to see if your house lot is on or connected to an area where mining had occurred, there may be insurance for that as well, I’m not sure on that one. And seriously, I could be wrong, as i am not going on scientific facts. And I hope that I am wrong. But my belief right now, is “better safe, than sorry”, which is the reason for me sharing my thoughts.’

‘I couldn’t believe my feeling with this again, and my husband was pretty shocked despite my rant.  And if so, I can be totally cool with that. I have absolutely no interest in making world predictions. I only hope to provide information to help others. But with what I have been experiencing, I don’t believe we have dodged any bullets. I personally worry that with all the water drenching the earth, that a piece of land could be drowned or pulled away from existing land. Again, I have no facts to back any of this up. I just wanted to share my story, as I’ve been holding this in for awhile and I just needed to release it.’ You can read the full original repost here >>

I thought of these visions back when the Tsunami destroyed a part of Japan.. wondering if this was ‘the land’ or ‘piece of country’ that I ‘saw’ destroyed from water? Now I am revisiting that thought again with Irene. But immediately shower the coast with the thought of love.

We all experience our own share of inner storms, when something wants to break loose from us, so that we may release what isn’t ours. Well Mother Nature seems to be having her own inner storm, wanting to break free and release what isn’t hers. But along with wanting to share what goes through my whacky mind, I still wanted to alert people to be prepared for any emergency, period. Not because of some psychic prediction – but because emergencies are a fact of life. Check out which offers some helpful emergency resources. Another piece of information I learned over the past few days is that when an emergency strikes, phone lines will jam. Use mobile texting instead, as it uses WAY less bandwidth. So when you can’t dial out or get through, the texts will solve that problem. And last, it’s better to be safe than sorry. As I suggested before, get insurance on what you own. Including renters insurance. I was seventeen when I moved out of the house, and I had renter’s insurance incase I was robbed, or if there was a fire. Protect yourself, as life is precious. Peace out, and have a safe weekend.

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  1. Wasn’t there an electricity in the air the day this happened too?

    Even tonight there is something in the air and I live decidedly midwest!

    Spooky to me are the stories of NYC eventually going underwater, that it will flood, forecasters predict it will subside, when it never does. Now with the waves predicted to hit the city, they’re saying low lying areas and the subway systems will flood. Are these predictions coming true?

  2. I’m not sure about other states have experienced, but here in Pennsylvania, we had an incredibly nasty lightning storm on Thursday morning. It literally danced in the valley (my view is on my banner above), and it was one of those storms where you stand back and away from the windows. It just lit up and struck objects.The midwest sounds good though Moon, but only if you’re clear of tornado alley lol. But yea, poor New York in the center of mother nature threats. Those people have really been through a lot. Sending the coast protective energy.

  3. I’m pretty sure what you got Thursday, we experienced here Tuesday in between those two earthquakes.

    Great Lakes area mid west. I’m lucky, we get tornados, but we were fortunate to miss all the activity they had in the southern midwest.

  4. Hi there. How nice to find you again Suzie. We had a small earthquake here in Oakland, California recently. Just enough for me to wave my hands in the air and shout, “Earthquake”. My co-worker came out of her office. I asked if she had felt it too and she said yes and had braced herself in the doorway. Me? I just sit there waving my hands and hollering, “Earthquake”.

    I remember my first earthquake some 25 years ago or so. My mother and I stood in our kitchen in Southern Cal, clinging to each other while I watched all my kitchen utensils hung on the wall swing madly.

    Wishing you the best and so nice to see you again.


  5. It is so nice to make contact with you again Pauline, What a delightful surprise! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. Knowing your fun attitude, it definitely made me LOL! Light and love!