Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday February 26

We’re ‘Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological Happeningsdreaming the impossible dream’ as emotions harmonize nicely with imagination and intuition. A Moon/Neptune sextile around lunchtime allows us to experience an extension of compassion and kindness. Shortly after, emotional distance with a possible shot of brutal honesty is provided as Moon squares Uranus. We can start to feel wiry with an urge to express our own individual thoughts and needs. Luna then shifts into Capricorn, drawing us into our own inner circle to create a centered calm. The sensitive scurries slows down, and allows us to power up strength for loved ones, and for ourselves. It would be beneficial to reflect on the last weeks to create an understanding as to where changes began to develop in our lives. Look on the outer world, but look within ourselves too, especially as weakening vibrations continue to influence the next few weeks ahead with Saturn rx in Libra (professional/personal partnerships, enemies) and yesterday’s Jupiter/Pluto square (Lord of Law and Knowledge confronts the Lord of Purge and Healing.). We also have a cluster of planets that are currently creating movement in intoxicated Pisces (dreams, closure, karma), that will soon be gearing up for high-powered action (and a good fight) as they armor up in warrior Aries. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest cosmic dirt and astrological happenings here. Tonight the Moon/Mars sextile gives us the courage to try, moving past our sensitivities, as emotions and energy form an agreement. Passion with sexual energy heightens as we hunger for a challenge and excitement. Today’s tarot insight comes from Page of Cups rx and Seven of Swords rx: ‘Although our guard is up, we remain open-minded’. ~Starcana

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