Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday February 5, Show n’ Tell

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsRise and shine little birdies, for the Mercury/Jupiter sextile this morning motivates our thoughts to flow in generously, and allows words to flow smoothly. With a hunger for knowledge, we’re interested in collecting as much information as we can. Big thinkers and big talkers are eager to motivate and inspire others to promote movement and growth. We can finally see the bigger picture, and we can’t wait to show and tell. Favorable energy for outdoors and communications, especially for travelers, promoters, teachers, drivers, inspirational speakers, lawyers, students, writers, joggers, sales and bikers. Today’s imaginative Pisces Moon adds sparkle to our work and color to our day, so enjoy! ‘The squeaky will always gets the oil. Something my dear sweet aunt taught me a long time ago.’ My insight from Queen of Pentacles, Five Wands rx: Your safety and security bought your prison walls.

Is anyone an American Chopper Fan? It’s one of my ‘must see’ shows for the week. I love the bikes, the work that is put into them, the creativity, and the characters on the show. Mikey is the one that got me hooked. I decided to look into the saga, thinking about the personalities and the father/son situation that went sour, and wrote this on my facebook. Pluto the terminator, transited thru jokester Sagittarius (Mikey is a Sadge) for the past decade, to reveal the truth by removing life-long illusions. What was seemingly real in his family, wasn’t. Mikey’s confusion about his identity and where he belongs is temporary, but typical of the Plutonian process. As Saturn (morals & respect) transits over Libra (relationships, business partnerships, enemies, and legal issues) this forces Paul Jr. (Libra) to be tough and stand like a man on his own terms, in his own business. If Paul Jr wants to prove what he is made of, it will be through his own hard work and discipline (and not through daddy). Paul Sr (father) fired his son Paul Jr for his lack of respect and time on the job. Saturn teaches lessons, and it’s interesting to see what a fast learner Paul is, as he takes control of his own business, advising his employees to be on ‘time’, which is also ruled by Saturn. When they get past the drama of his father suing his son, twice… Paul Jr will know the business, and understand what his dad demanded of him in ‘time and dedication’ (although I’d bet that he is already aware). The more you work, the more Saturn loves you, and through this, Paul Jr can have the chance to earn the respect, reputation, and success that he invested into.

As Saturn’s transits Libra, this affects Libra’s ruler Venus, who rules Taurus, Paul Senior. Venus represents what we value and desire: love & money. Funny though, they are both ruled by Venus, and it’s no wonder these two fight, they are so much like! Libra Paul Jr (creativity, creativity & balance) is the higher octave of Taurus (earning & business). Hard lessons for Senior as Saturn presses down on him to figure out what he values more – the business or the relationship with his boys. As I see it, Paul Jr and Mikey are doing what is necessary to get through the process, so they should be doing their own thing until Senior figures it out. ‘Money and business’ equals ‘greed and power’ if it’s sitting in the wrong hands, but Senior needs to learn it, as his Taurus is very stubborn and bull-headed. They don’t change their ways (or minds) often, unless they benefit greatly from the deal. But we’ve got a few months to see how things will develop with Saturn’s recent retrograde, to return to them to the real issue. I’m cheerleading for the boys.

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