Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday July 16

With Moon placed in the humanitarian hands of Aquarius, we detach ourselves from our own heavy hearts, to experience freedom, and life from a higher altitude. And although the Full Moon was yesterday, Luna’s energy continues to be powerful, enhancing positive vibrations into our day. She trines karmic Saturn this afternoon, allowing us to feel successful with our attempts today. There were more tensions than normal in July’s Tarotscopes and perhaps it makes a little more sense now. The one thing that we all need to realize is that we have control of our future. What we are not satisfied with, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally, can be removed with yesterday’s Full Moon release and replaced with something more beneficial and realistic for our wellbeing, especially with Uranus retrogade. The pic attached is me and my pup enjoying a Full Moon rising over the mountains. Tarot insight from The Hanged Man rx, The Justice: Peace is delivered when we learn self-control.

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