Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday July 23, A Touch of Gold, Sun enters Leo

Just after midnight, Luna moves her way into the grazing fields of Taurus. We’re minding our own. What we experience emotionally contains more stability, as we stay productive and build something from them. Luna will then trines psychological Pluto rx this afternoon, to conjunct blessed Jupiter.

The cosmic event today is brilliant light show as Sun enters Leo, his natural home for the next four weeks. Happy Birthday golden pussycats. Nothing is hidden beneath this great beam of energy now, so our vitality will be charged while our true selves revealed. Who we are, and what we are capable, will be enhanced and displayed. When we think about the Sun in general, who doesn’t feel better and want to go play in it? In Leo, we feel more popular, more in-tune with our world, and more self-aware. The world want bold, beauty and charm. We know what life expects from us, and we know we’re a radiant ray of light. We may even decide to show that of now with a gold jewelry, a gold tan, or add gold streaks to your hair. All of this allows us to be more happy with life and ourselves, which vibrates goodness and healing energy. We can only see the positive now, because positivity oozes from our own ray.

The Leo Sun (as in Leo the Lion) encourages us to have more pride in who we are, and honor in the way we represent ourself. The Lion, like the Sun, has a natural power that lives inside, so they do not need special tools and tricks to climb the ladder, for they only need to shine their own light. Raw animal instincts is usually what the Leo Sun encourages of us now. Bring your best to the table, your word, your integrity, and your loyalty.

Pleasure will be added to our work and business now, mostly because of the optimism that is generated. This in return, attracts new confidence, fresh creativity, and potential for great growth. Better chances increase with job interviews, new hired work, unexpected promotions, and good news financially. Anything we touch can turn to gold, so spruce up your physical image, especially your hair. With the energy of Lion, it’s all about the presentation AND the hair. Just ask Madonna, Robert Plant, Kathie Lee Gifford, Barack Obama, Maureen McCormick (Marcia. Marcia. Marcia), Sean Penn, Tawny Kitaen, Andy Warhol, Bill Clinton, and Hulk Hogan.

Romantically, the Leo Sun is warm, bubbly, and romantic. Lust and love is heated up and things get very steamy now. Our self-esteem and even our self-image is glowing, which only motivates us to do a few more things to spoil ourselves with beauty and glamour. From the raw animal instincts and good looks that are ignited now, our playfulness and teasing increases, including old-fashioned courting. Kind gestures, good manners, and smiles that melt are the Leo Sun’s mojo for magnetizing. Yep, it’s all about the presentation. Romance is heightened with the prowl, and the chase of the hunted.

Our immune system and health can show improvements with the healing of the Sun, and the will of the Lion. Inner strength with mind over matter. Natural medicines gain popularity now with sunshine, exercise, and fresh air. Sun rules rule homeopathic and vitamin A + D (our sunshine and wellness in a bottle). Leo rules the heart and the spine. Loyalty and a backbone is a must now ~ otherwise you’re just wasting time and pussyfooting around.

As everything in life has a balance, cosmic energy too has it’s brilliance, as well it’s shadow. With Mercury in Leo, and more planets to join in the pride of light and righteousness, the fires will continue to grow and burn. If unattended, these fires grow out of control and know no territories. Egos begin to consume while temperatures rise, increasing arrogance, conceit, vainness, selfishness, and narcissism. True characters and secrets can be exposed under the powerful Leo Sun, setting a stage for bullies, frauds, and drama queens that require personalized attention.

Make the best of your weeks ahead as the Leo Sun magic can be found in creativity, self-expression, children, pleasure, beauty, entertainment, positive male influences, love affairs, hair, sports, vacations, advertising, self-promotion, and romantic affairs that build a stronger vital force. It is more honorable to repair a wrong than to persist in it. Thomas Jefferson. Tarot insight from Four of Swords rx, Page of Wands: We receive news that wakes us from a deep sleep.

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