Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday July 30, I Feel Powerful, New Moon in Leo

Luna moves into Leo early this morning, increasing an urge to follow our natural instincts. We feel more alive and daring to approach the unknown. By afternoon, a New Moon forms, generating new energy for a new emotional cycle. We take on life with fresh intentions, for a new route to reach goals. With the New Moon in Leo,courage, confidence, and honor is experienced. We’re feeling competent to take control, and make things right. Think about your goals/wishes, and how you can invest your own energy to reach them. It is favorable to work your intentions and affirmations around that which Leo influences, such as: love affairs, theatrical display, pleasures, dating, children, vacations, creative pursuits, games, entertainment, heart, romance, power, pro-creation, sports, and fun. Pursue what brings out your personal best, and shine.

I’m a believer in mind over matter, which is the purpose I introduce affirmations. Positive statements to get you through the Leo movement, could be ‘I am beautiful’, or ‘I am my own power source. To understand this… If you don’t believe in yourself, why should we? Believe it, and Create it. If you are looking to jumpstart these vibrations, my latest Tarot Affirmation ‘Empowered to Be’ coincides nicely with the New Moon in Leo. For additional assistance with the weeks ahead, check out the August 2011 Tarotscope. Todays tarot insight from Six of Wands rx, The Star rx: Failure isn’t acceptable, face your fear.

PLEASE NOTE: I am creating my own power source today. I am on vacation, and taking a break from work and writing, to enjoy some personal ‘me’ time with my family. I’ll return back to work on Monday August 8, with my Cosmic Dirt writings and personalized readings. Make it a happening week!

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