Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday July 9, Inhaling Our Breath and Life Source, Uranus Retrograde

In the wee hours of the morning, cosmic activity begins to stir our Saturday. Venus creates a friendly sextile to Jupiter, placing value on spreading kindness. Luna then shifts her way into the steamy waters of Scorpio, where sensitive vibrations begin to heavily influence our behavior. Shortly after, Mercury sextiles Saturn, giving us a good head for decision-making. There’s no doubt we’ll be craving something tempestuously sweet for our breakfast, unless a focused mind can steer us in the right direction. Emotional waters sway nicely in the afternoon, as Moon sextiles psychic Pluto, opposes naive Jupiter, and trines sensual Venus.

Tonight, Uranus stations to retrograde over the next five months. Uranus is ‘The Awakener’ and ‘The Reformer’, known to rebel, create chaos, and uproot comfort zones ~ in order to create a better change for the future. During the retrograde, we ‘reverse our steps’ to turn inward, so that we may awaken our true selves to our own truth. What we normally give to inspire others, we now give to ourselves. We reform our being and individuality. From now until the rest of the year, we reconnect with our ‘inner Einstein’ and reinvent who we are. As we invent, create, and brainstorm ~ there are no rules. It’s encouraged to color outside the lines, and to follow our natural path, as we find our own unique rhythm.

Perhaps you have already seen some of this rebellious nature in others, or centering in yourself. Some of us will be more daring than ever as we try to figure out who we are. Others can be more resistant, unwelcoming, and capable of just saying ‘no thanks’. One thing for sure is that behaviors will be spontaneous and surprisingly shifting. We’re getting our ‘freaky’ on, so the stability of relationships can get into a funk as someone seeks freedom to find themselves. In regards to work and career, individuals will be trying to identify more with their needs which can spark thoughts and ideas to change jobs, or switch careers. Physically, Uranus is a strategic left-brainer, and with an overwhelming amount of thinking, some may find themselves suffering from too much energy. This can stimulate stress levels, insomnia, nervous system disorders, restless leg syndrome, and fibromyalgia symptoms. To counteract and soothe, we can look into alternative solutions with areas that fall under Uranus, such as: astrology, new age, electricity/energy, freedom of self-expression, games, puzzles, meditation, and yoga. Mind, body, and spirit connections. Technology, science, and vehicles may take a break as well, to reinvent itself. We could see brand new techie gadgets coming out right before the holidays as Uranus turns direct. And we too, should be coming out to display the new and improved self. The July Tarotscopes were much more stressed than ever, and with all the shifting that is happening in the heavens, it’s no wonder. ‘Prayer is exhaling the spirit of man, and inhaling the spirit of God.’ Edwin Keith. Tarot insight: Knight of Pentacles, Four of Swords: Maintain inner peace by finding comfort in solitude.

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  1. Already feeling this! There’s an edge today that hasn’t been. Almost like somethings going to happen, and it’s making me restless! Should be good! I’m heading home to the healing lake we grew up along. Good time to go home and find center as I awaken!
    Thanks for the interesting insights!

  2. This is totally my Scorpio with Jupiter opp Uranus, but it really works. Regarding all who suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome the quick fix is masturbation. I’m serious, it really works. It’s an energy block and this releases it.

  3. Your welcome, I always enjoy throwing the tidbits in. The lake experience sounds amazing. Good healing to you. 🙂

  4. I totally agree Mandy. Intimacy, a release of emotions, is truly sexual healing. Thank you for that.


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