Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday June 18, Trill recognize Trill, Freedom of Speech. Venus trines Saturn, Mercury square Uranus

The cosmic skies allow our hearts to open wide as Luna enters futuristic Aquarius this morning. We’re breaking free of gravity, for we hold onto absolutely nothing now. We can throw our hands into the air, inhale life, and let the day surprise us. Genuine dedication and hard work pays off as sweet and supportive Venus trines ‘Mr Commitment’ Saturn. We get exactly what we’re looking for, and then some. Trill recognize trill. This is karmic justice as Saturn moves direct in Libra (relationships, enemies), highlighting the importance of decency and integrity. Our ‘word’ and what we stand for is taken into consideration as Pluto retrogrades Capricorn (reputations, finances, career, foundation). If we’ve been misbehavin’ and lost touch with courtesy and morality, don’t fret. Saturn and Pluto will have something special up their sleeves. Around dinner, a shift happens as Mercury squares Uranus. Dark clouds roll in, and the cosmic weather takes a surprising turn. We feel stifled as limitations block us from the very thing we need – space and uniqueness. Something tastes funny, and we change our mind. Thoughts are overwhelming, nerves become overloaded, and speech turns sarcastic and cutting. This could be why freedom of speech can sometimes be frowned upon, because there are no genuine boundaries. The shadow side of the Aquarian Moon has cold side side to look down on others, encouraging entitlement. Originality is their goal, and doing the total opposite of what is expected, gives them the limelight they seek. Good publicity, bad publicity – it’s still publicity. It may be best to just use caution regarding this fickle energy, although great brainstorming can produce genius ideas with this. Buckle down the hatches, incase something is ready to hit the fan. ‘They have great courses in other places, but only because they steal our ideas.’ Craig Stuller. Tarot insight: Three of Swords, Three of Wands: Pain is displayed when it gets the best of us.

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  1. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. Really accurate on this end.

  2. Hi Theresa, thanks for stopping by! I hope by ‘the accurate part’, you mean that you are receiving the blessings, because you are trillest of the trill! But I’ve actually heard this a number of times tonight. The Law of the Universe is speaking loudly.