Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday June 25, Heart of Joy, Sun sextiles Jupiter

After a few days of raw emotions coming to the forefront, we get to settle nicely into our own as Moon leaves Aries, to enter earthy Taurus this evening. It’s favorable energy for building and maintaining what we own, from our office, to home, to the lawn, to family and ourselves. From fixing, repairing, painting, decorating, and designing, we’re to enhance our surroundings to create more plush. Opportunities are available as Moon sextiles intuitive Neptune rx, as we receive mystical energies to help us rise from old emotions. Our optimism increases dramatically as Sun sextiles grateful Jupiter. Our confidence shines from a heart of joy. We truly give of ourselves now… from a big promise, a huge move, a band of gold, spiritual healing, our prayers are finally heard. Spiritual tarot insight: Two of Cups, Five of Pentacles: Despite the odds, we manage to reach an agreement.

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  1. minerva energy says

    loved this day! It must have been jupiter bringing its joy and luck, that brought something to the fore that was a long time coming!!

  2. yayyy! I’m glad you experienced positive energy from the day Minerva! I felt blessed as well. Yup! That’s good ole Jupiter!


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