Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday June 4, Expansion in Wealth & Prosperity, Jupiter enters Taurus

Jupiter will exit from the fiery, hot embers of Aries, to enter a more stable ground in Taurus for the next twelve months. Jupiter brings us abundance, blessings, and fortune, and with his transit through Taurus, we can see a substantial increase in our personal values, earnings, self-worth, and resources. Taurus is an earth sign, representing the manifestation of wealth, spiritual lessons, and the fruits of our hard work. If you have been determined to reach a goal despite the odds against you, more than likely, you will be able to enjoy what you have sown, unless there is a funky aspect happening in your natal chart. But through your persistence, you can still benefit while learning valuable lessons in appreciation, respect, and patience. If you have avoided responsibilities, you will just have that much more work to do. Too, during this period, be sure to handle your gifts respectfully, because Taurus is know to become large and lazy, and Jupiter will just magnify that, which can create a ‘not so pretty’ picture in lack of respect, which could develop into potential loss.

Taurus is about building and development, so we will see jobs and the economy beginning to make some more progress, as well as movement in our relationships and in our spiritual growth. Romantically, we can take the optimism and generosity of Jupiter and decorate Taurus and her ruler Venus (love & money) with it. Venus wants to be valued and appreciated, so if we’ve done our homework, our earnings shall be plenty. But Venus is getting re-trained in kindness and manners, as Saturn (discipline, responsibilities) transits and retrogrades Libra (relationships) to give us another chance to make things right for ourselves, but also for others. Mother earth joins the process of taking care of herself, despite of who gets in her way. Other than future aspects that can create challenges, she too shall experience a significant shift in her growth, flourishing in her greenery and good crops.

Taurus rules the neck and throat area, and Jupiter can bring good developments in these areas, but it can also expand and create pressure for the thyroid gland, vocal chords, ears, and lower jaw. Schedule an appointment with your physician if you see any changes in these areas. We’ve all heard about the increase in diabetes, especially as Saturn (limitations) stepped into Libra (lower back, adrenal glands, and kidneys) in 2009 until 2012. Venus is influenced since she rules sugary sweets, and we are to learn how to limit our intake. Jupiter will add a hefty helping, which will increase the numbers in diabetes and the obesity epidemic. Genuine effort will be needed if we are to take care of ourselves, as well as our children.

Our afternoon shall pick up as Moon makes a friendly sextile to energetic Mars, improving our courage to pursue needs. Then Mercury sextiles brilliant Uranus, crystalizing our intentions which attracts friends and surprising opportunities. Expect the unexpected. Tarot insight from Ten of Cups rx, Page of Pentacles: We receive something valuable from an uncomfortable situation.

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