Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday March 12

There is less traffic in the cosmos today, which permits us to create the direction we are searching for, without too much challenge from the heavens. We feel prepared and organized as Moon trines Saturn early in the morning. By dinner, we need space and fresh air as the emotions conflict with ego as Luna squares Sun. The Gemini Moon keeps us light on our feet and quick with our responses today, so it’s a fine day for keeping busy multi-tasking, learning something new, and using our mind and our voice.

The events of yesterday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan were horrific. It is a sad day for us all. And just as we can all sympathize with that pain on a whole, we can also send positive vibrations and prayers as a whole. Please send yours right now, just a few silent words and thoughts from your heart. You can also make a donation to help the victims of yesterday’s disaster with the Red Cross because they’ve legit, and they’ve been around the block for a few decades.

“Chaos results when the world changes faster than people”.

I’ve had a number of people ask about my sensitive earthquake vibrations, so yes, I experienced it largely yesterday. I told my husband that the vibes were so abnormally strong , but they were consistent throughout the day. It was around two in the afternoon when they started. About eight or nine o’clock in the evening, I told my son to listen how hard the rain was coming down. He said, what? I said, yea, listen it to it out there, it’s pouring! wow, listen to those winds’. He walked into my office and just shook his head at me. As he brought my awareness back, I looked out the window, and there was no noise, no precipitation, and no breeze. I heard it loud and clear. I stopped writing my intuitive vibrations blog of the earthquakes, because I find them quite disturbing to experience them, knowing that they are going to happen, but I have no way of genuinely warn people about them. And to the other questions that ask if yesterday’s earthquake is an example of yesterday’s Uranus (chaos) entering the powerful energy of Aries? Yes, Uranus is a factor astrologically, a planet who rules change, mayhem, disruption, and rude awakenings. Uranus is electrical, futuristic energy (atom/nuclear), something could get zapped. Jupiter who is also in Aries makes it all massive. BIG change, large movement. Uranus loves to shock those who have their guard down, so you gotta be on your toes. We also have Neptune (water/ocean) who will be entering the realm of Pisces (water). We also have Pluto (death/transformer) who is transiting Capricorn (plantations, property, terrain). Death to land, foundations, power. I wrote an article sometime ago about the potential of a large piece of land breaking away or getting covered with water… if I didn’t have such a full crazy weekend, I’d research it. Insight from the King of Swords and Four of Cups rx: New possibilities develop from knowledge.

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