Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday March 26, The Price of Dream, Venus conjunct Neptune

Our emotions are not in agreement with the ego this morning as Moon squares self-absorbed Sun. Shortly after, Moon conjuncts psychological Pluto and sensitivities begin to intensify. Fortunately the Capricorn Moon will keep us occupied with tasks so that we can make sense of what we’re feeling before we act on them.

Venus conjuncts Neptune later, and we desire what we dream of. As mentioned yesterday: ‘Venus (desires) has wanted independence and space for the last six weeks in humanitarian Aquarius. Now she will soften as she gets closer to the compassion that psychedelic Neptune holds. Our connections others warm up with nice words and promises that make us feel better. Enjoy the moments, but don’t hold onto it, meaning have fun as our head is in the clouds, but have both feet on the ground to keep us in reality.’ Venus (love/money) melts as psychedelic Neptune (dreams/spiritual) pours her another shot of sweet nothings. That which is solid in our personal life, is seduced by hungry temptations, forgetting our morals, responsibilities, and the world around us – just for a taste. Depending on the situation, we can encounter sweet endearments, music that takes us into memories, creative artistry, romantic lovemaking, spiritual/psychic connections, and comfortable dreaminess. Conjunctions can lean either way, and with the strong amount of creative energy, there’s a potential for risk. Neptune isn’t known to reliable, or the best communicator – and promises may be interpreted: ‘I do not recall’. And when communications tend to go funky, we’ll want to blame Mercury who turns retrograde next week. Nothing is free. Just be wise, and make sure it’s all worth it… and if it is… request a second helping, and a doggie bag. Today’s insight is from Five of Swords and Nine of Wands: Our defenses are down when we’re suppose to be watching the fort.

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