Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday May 7

We’re all a little more sensitive and touchy as Moon continues to flow through the tender waters of Cancer. The littlest things can attach themselves to us and set us off emotionally, so use gentleness in actions and in words. We may not be thinking clearly around lunchtime as Luna opposes psychological Pluto retrograde, and memories from our past may begin to haunt us.  Later this evening, she squares Saturn retrograde and we’re reminded of how much work we still need to complete. You can check out my recent post as I remember 911, or check out the May Tarotscope. Connect with me on Facebook… or Follow/Like my BRAND NEW Cosmic Dirt Facebook Business page, as I deleted my old business page because the name was way too long. Tarot insight from Death rx, Wheel of Fortune: We hang on for a lucky break.

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  1. Oh, now that makes sense. I feel my Pluto’s acting up (Sun + Pluto in 8th House in my natal chart plus Venus + Mars + Uranus in Scorpio in 9th, hehe) only to re-realize it’s retrograde & that opposition with the Moon (ugh, Lunar return)’s making things more touchy. & that Moon-Saturn square’s so right on the dot. Sigh.

  2. Sounds like a little Ben & Jerry ice cream could make the perfect support team tonight, Hugs girlfriend!