Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 10, 2011

The day is filled with a lot of sensitivities and emotional vibrations. What may feel good for one, may not feel so great for another. Something may not feel completely right as Moon conjuncts Neptune rx in the afternoon. As Moon enters gentle Pisces, enjoy the weekend on a more pleasurable note and experience it with gentler connections. Pisces Moon is favorable for artistic, musical, and creative souls. We’re much more vulnerable, expressive, compassionate, and loving at this time. But for those who are attached to painful memories and hurtful situations, a cave may be necessary to nurture themselves. A few confusing aspects to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, could make some a bit more touchy or moodier than usual. Remember to be understanding, and use kindness with words and actions. As Moon opposes Mercury this evening, we want to try and make sense of what we’re experiencing, and if this is impossible, quit trying so hard and let it go. Shortly after midnight, Venus sextiles Mars, while Moon sextiles Pluto rx ~ but we may experience this energy earlier this evening as we’re more supportive and demonstrative to what, and who brings genuine value into our life. Love and sex blend naturally, as we communicate what we’re willing to work for, with the strength to prove it.

With Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo (click the links for interpretations), we’re becoming more grounded and in touch with what works best for us. We’re a little more picky though, so use caution as to how this is communicated. With Saturn (responsibility, discipline) in Libra (relationships), we can find ourselves not only ready to say what we mean, but standing honorably by it. Honesty, self-realization (Jupiter rx) with compassion and self-forgiveness (Neptune rx) allows for healing to take place as we’re truthful with others, but more importantly with ourselves. Tarot insight: Queen of Swords, Nine of Pentacles: Be present and cut to the chase.

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