Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 16, 2011 The Constipation Ends, Time to Release and Flush, Pluto Stations Direct

Starcana Cosmic DirtThere’s a movement deep within us today, and we find out that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter (abundance) rx, and trines Mercury (thoughts, communication), we understand that we carry the light that we’ve been looking for all along. This trine allows for a lovey earthly manifestation to produce material and spiritual growth.

Todays cosmic event involves the transformational Pluto. If you can think about the events in your life, for the past five months we’ve either been dealing with, or holding on, to much more than we probably thought we could handle, as described in my previous Pluto post ‘Swallowing the Vomit‘. As Pluto has been flowing ‘backwards’ through the summer, more intense issues or secrets maybe have been revealed. This was to help us understand where toxcities have have been buried but also decaying in certain areas of our lives or relationships. Pluto in Capricorn (foundations) retrograde was like a clogged pipe… or constipation. We know we have to go and do our business, but we aren’t sure we’re quite ready just yet. We patiently sit and wait, while revisiting old memories and repeated experiences that stare us in the face. We may not feel so good during this period, if we’re not making major changes within ourselves to conquer the disease of old behavior patterns. We may feel that we are still wasting our time and energy on what we suspect to be waste in our lives.

As Pluto stations, she will gradually begin her forward direction, which increases a need for a deep goodbye and emotional release. This is our way to make peace with ourselves, by discharging all that we have been wrongfully digesting over the past months (emotionally, mentally, physically). Flushing this away with a good internal cleanse, provides a chance for closure as well as healing. Some of may have already took charge and did the work to gain our inner power back. The important thing is that we have come face to face with the real culprit that has constipated our movement, so we are to finally exhale (good and hard) to squeeze that nasty beast out. This could literally be a physical shift, or it may be a massive kill to our normal mental outlook or emotional being… to lighten our load for a new existence in life.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Richard Bach

With Pluto in Capricorn, we could see different areas of our lives reshaping or parts in the world destroyed, to allow eruption regeneration, and regrowth. Capricorn rules governments, reputations, religion, family traditions, education, higher learning, careers, property, finances, savings, homes, food, banks, businesses, seniors, security, insurance, real estate, and earth … so again, we will still continue to see government breakdowns, changes in leaderships, big businesses and reputations destroyed, loss of jobs, careers falling apart, money removed, etc – to finesse our transition in the right direction. I don’t see it as a time to be scared, as we are to open our eyes and realize that much has been happening that hasn’t been good for many people. It’s like watching your favorite oak tree being affected by mold. By not removing it, the mold would eventually take over the whole tree, so we must completely remove the unhealthy branch ~ so that the tree can heal and recreate new growth. What had been exhausted, imperfect, and wasted falls, Pluto removes to heal and rebirth.

Depending on your life, whether that might be your own inner transformation that you’ve been going through, intense work issues, or hard glitches in your relationships.. expect changes and nasty decay to finally rot away as Pluto goes direct. We had much to work on in our lives while Pluto (deterioration, regeneration) and Saturn (responsibility, morals) were both retrograde. Then we began to start our work and build growth as Saturn turned direct in June. We’re still in the process of fantasizing what we want from life with real self-discovery, with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves with Jupiter (joy, higher learning), Uranus (change, inspiration), Neptune (imagination, dreams) retrograde, but we are urged to do the work, and work with the flow of planets. Mars is still in side-stepping Cancer, so a strong direction forward isn’t quite certain as we flip-flop on which path to take. I simply mention to stay aware of your journey toward happiness, but to also be active in it. Concentrate on one step at a time. “If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character…Would you slow down? Or speed up?” Chuck Palahniuk. Tarot insight: Nine of Swords, The Chariot: It feels right to move ahead and destroy incoming doubts.

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  1. Actually a timely and profound reading. Thanks!

  2. Thank you love!

  3. This rings so true. How do we flush clean? How do i rid of the negative? I have been soul searching for months. Trying to just let go.


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