Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 2, 2011

Moon creates a friendly sextile to sweet Venus this afternoon, and we’re at a good place as we harmonize well with others. Later, we receive healing rays as Sun trines abundant Jupiter. This incredible blast of light illuminates truth and goodness, which allows us to be set free. Earthy pleasures manifest now, with a favorable chance to mend physically, and financially. Popularity and luck can rise as we take the lead in legal issues, travel, religion, spirituality, publications, listening to others, teaching, and education. The Scorpio Moon keeps us a bit more reserved than usual, helping to intensify a strong inner force that can take us wherever we want to go. “Fortune sides with him who dares.” Virgil. Starcana Tarot Insight KnP/10Prx: We take care of neglected responsibilities.

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