Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 26, 27, 2011, This is the REAL Me, Sun Uranus Opposition, Mercury in Libra

I had the inconvenience of a program glitch, and lost some of my writings. ::sigh:: Sunday afternoon, Mercury joins Sun, Saturn, and Venus, and enters Libra (relationships and enemies). Mercury, the winged messenger, influences the transmission of our thoughts and communications, and in Libra – we’re mentally seeking reality and truth in life and relationships. We’re learning to add logic and mathematics to our human relations for the next three weeks, to create peace and  balance. We can find ourselves less sensitive in the way we think and use our speech, and Libra is cool and distant. It’s nothing personal, we simply speak the honest facts, and truth doesn’t always come across warm and fuzzy. Because Mercury in Libra recognizes this, it only makes sense for us to be polite and use gentle words. Balance and healthy boundaries are the key to establish friendly connections and open communications between romantic and personal relationships. Fair negotiations can be produced in professional and business relationships. Reconciliations, peace talks, and settlements have great potential to transpire with the estranged, and ‘not so friendly’ correspondences over past months.

Mercury in Libra has much knowledge and reasoning to share with us during this time,  but on the flip side, it can be caught up with too much useless information and personal opinions. This can cause scattered minds, misinterpretations, and a sense of dizziness. Hardships could result from cold thinking and a frozen heart, unless we make a genuine effort to find warmth and compassion. Too much talk, and not enough action would be a waste under theses planetary times of strong cardinal energy. As the planets hibernate in Libra’s scales of equality to create fairness, expect grand consequences and major results. What we’ve invested in over the past months, creates our reality. We see real karmic outcomes in the weeks ahead, not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ verdicts, but simple balance in our lives and relationships. The strengths or weaknesses that float to the surface in your life, work, and relationships –  are of our own pure making. Creating blame will seem to relieve of of our individual responsibilities – but understand that making excuses mean absolutely nothing in the universe. It is what it is.

Dark clouds rush in as Sun opposes Uranus Sunday afternoon. We’re not satisfied with life as we know it, and out of nowhere, we rebel and make it well known. Uninspired, unhappy and powerless, we make something happen in an instant. ‘Something’ means anything, and without careful thought, the applecart is bound to tip and create a big mess. The urge to find joy by facing our inner storm – will determine the outcome. Tantrums are selfish, so what good could it produce? Ego speaks loud and reacts, potentially in an angry or violent manner as Uranus rx in Aries, squaring Pluto. Be careful as to what YOU are creating, changing, and leaving behind. It is encouraged to choose the higher path, with clear communications, a good dose of compassion, and especially excellent listening skills – to understand what the actual problem is, and where it is stemming from.

Monday is a clear day that is free from eventful aspects, but the vibrations of the storm is still quite active. Utilize the organizational skills Virgo Moon to stay busy, put emotions into order, and dust away the clutter of worry, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Quality time with ourselves and mediations prove to be beneficial during this cycle. “Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything, or creating anything. Jim Carrey. Tarot insight: Two of Pentacles rx, High Priestess rx: We could make sense of the moment, if we really wanted to.

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