Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 4, 2011, Planetary Recap

Tension could rise from some moodiness as Moon squares Sun this afternoon. While we may want to be able to express ourselves, something dark continues to remain hidden. With Luna in Sagittarius, we are urged to take the higher road. Our listening skills can teach us much now, if we want to communicate and understand others betters, or if we sit in silence and listen to our own higher selves. The Sagittarian Moon needs to expand, in order to walk away from that which limits our potential and growth. Later as Moon sextiles Saturn, we’re strengthened as we lend a hand and teach others. Moon will square Venus shortly after, so we should remember to be polite and have manners ~ especially when the Sagittarian Moon needs to share the truth, and say exactly what we’re experiencing. If you’re going to ‘put it out there’, say it with kindness. ‘I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.’ Pietro Aretino. Tarot Insight: Ten of Swords, Knight of Wands rx: A cycle of resistance comes to an end.

I like to occasionally add a little recap of the latest planets to remind us of where we should be focusing, to keep us in the present, rather than where we feel blocked. Click the links to connect to the articles for more explanation of the planetary energies. Although Mercury is direct, we are still under it’s shadow for the next three weeks. Continue to be careful of the words you choose to use, and be a good listener. We have a need to service others, as well as ourselves with both the Sun and Venus in Virgo. It is important if we are to help others, that we wash our hands well when we ‘touch’ others. Just because we’re having bad day, doesn’t give us the permission to place that on another. So  doesn’t it make sense that our actions may be a bit more confusing to others with Mars in Cancer? We desire to act on our emotions, but we can hold back because we care too much about how others will feel. This is pushy testosterone trying to blend with gentleness, which may appear wimpy or passive aggressive approach, but having self-control or at least some awareness is not wimpy. Despite what we may feel, doesn’t always make it true, so we must allow emotional waves to calm before reacting. We have the opportunity to use the planets and their heavenly energies to create the happiness that we are looking for, with mindful of our own thoughts and actions. As Jupiter and Neptune both retrograde, we are to connect with our inner guru. It is time to find compassion within our hearts to forgive and heal ourselves, so that we can find an understanding with those who are most dear to us.

I share all of this information, because of so many clients (and non-clients) who are going through their own individual issues right now, with me included. Hell, even Mother Earth and our weather is getting a beating from the cosmic chaos. Chaos wakes us up from our routine. We are asked to pay attention and create better changes, in our world. As above, so below. So I believe we all can use a good reminder now and then, to redirect our own intentions, especially as Pluto (Transformation) gets ready to go direct this month.

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