Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday April 17, Finding Peace in Walking Away, Full Moon Libra

Despite all the rocket fuel with so many planets in fiery Aries, the Moon continues to keep us emotionally distant in Libra. If it feels like too much energy and we get lost in it,we may become very overwhelmed if we’re not using it all correctly. We could feel like we’re in a tug of war and need to distance ourselves as Moon opposes bloated Jupiter. We also have Saturn retrograde in Libra, teaching us how to restructure our connections with others, but also with ourselves.

Tonight’s Full Moon is brightly beaming over our relationships and partnerships as she shines so pretty in Libra. All comes to a full light now, as we receive what we have been searching for. Our blessing from the Moon Goddess delivers information, insight, and answers to create emotional balance. From there, we communicate our individual needs so that we can successfully detach the way that we need to. As Libra is still ‘under construction’ with Saturn rx, we are learning to be responsible and disciplined in our dealings with others (friends, family, coworkers, lovers), and with ourselves. Libra is ruled by Venus (desires and values), so Saturn  is here to save the day (although it may not feel like it) to create some integrity and self-respect.

Depending on what side of the scales we’re on… some are taking a stand and saying no to the bad behavior that we’ve allowed… while some  are on the receiving end of consequences, for not honoring an agreement to be responsible and respectable. So whatever you are experiencing, know that balance is being created. Those who were investing too much, are distancing to invest into themselves… while those who invested too little, are coming up short-handed, and learning life the hard way. With so many planets influencing that we fight to get back in touch with our own true self in ‘numero uno’ Aries, the Full Moon in Libra understands how create peace (for ourselves/and for others) by simply laying down our sword and walking away.

With my Libra Ascendant, I’m a big believer in individuality, unity, and karma. For individuality, I believe that as long that we are not hurting anyone (lying, deceiving, cheating), each of us should be able to exist as our own unique being. For unity, I believe that to have a successful connection with another being, we all must be able to communicate truthfully, confront issues, and negotiate to find solutions to meet each other half way. For karma, I believe that everything and everyone are created equal. When there is imbalance, (like ‘selfish and greed’ versus ‘selfless and respectful’), compatibility loses it’s flow. I believe that the Universe does whatever is necessary to recreate balance and harmony.

My Libra has a natural talent of being a team-player, asking simply for partnership, loyalty, and honesty. Libra doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so she keeps her opinions and comments to herself.. which makes her so sweet and nice. She is ruled by Venus, who is Mother Earth – resourceful, giving, and supportive. It’s easy for the mindless to take, and take, and take from Mother Earth, without thinking of giving back. Venus doesn’t want to ‘look bad’ because she values love and beauty, so she keeps the hurtful truth to herself. Studying myself and understanding my birth chart personality and direction is a blessing, yes… but a blessing that was built on my blood, sweat, and tears. One must be extremely courageous and strong to separate themselves from everything and everyone that they know to be considered for this particular life journey. I had to make many hard decisions to walk away from the ‘distractions’ who complicated my own personal growth. The Saturn transit over my Libra has been blessing because he is a stabilizer. Whatever FEELS too hard to do, Saturn delivers the logic as to why it must be accomplished. Saturn is related to earth, and he is here to ground and replenish Mother Earth (when others didn’t) – but only if we LET him, by learning his hard life lessons.

I felt a need to share this because Saturn tends to be very misunderstood and gets a bad rap. He’s tough and the disciplinary, because we NEED tough and to be disciplined. So in my First House of ‘self and first impressions’, I have learned that for my ‘TOO sweet & nice’ Libra must now ‘be seen’ as strong and competent, to attract like-minded people into my life. I have learned to give MUCH less, by creating healthy boundaries. At the same time, I have also taught others by giving less, by creating equal territory. If you understand this a little better now, you can look at your birth chart at the house where Libra rules. This is where we are too sweet and negligent because of how we might look. Saturn will literally dump reality into that house, to toughen you into a respectable and responsible person, not just for society, but for yourself. He teaches that less is more, and that we should appreciate the crumbs that we have, but if we want more, we are to go out and work for it ourselves. May you become fully enlightened on this Libra Full Moon. Today’s insight from The Three of Wands rx and Six of Wands: The only person who can truly give us what we’re looking for, is ourselves.

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