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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday April 3, ‘I Feel, therefore I AM’, New Moon in Aries

The dramatic fire of the past weeks increase and peaks, as the New Moon joins the fiery Rat Pack hanging out in the spotlight of Aries. This is time where we wipe last month’s sensitivities away, to begin a new emotional fresh. Intentions and goals represent seeds, and we should plant them today. With so planets in Aries, we are acting on his cardinal energy, experiencing an emotional pull that draws us forward into the future. We’re busier, bolder, and braver than normal, as we’re ready to step out from our comfort zone to reach out for what pleases our inner needs. Affirmations that work best with today’s intentions should begin with ‘I feel ___, there I am…’. Aries is all about the self and the ego. They are present and available this moment only, and they plan on wasting no time. They are instant reactors and initiators. What we may reach out to do today, we will step out and accomplish tomorrow. Not only should we act, but we should FEEL the experience with fire in the heart, like that of the rebel and the daredevil. It’s time that we put the evil in our knievel now, as we are suppose to be defying gravity. Try not to forget it, but w’re going out on on a limb. Increase the speed and attract the red hot energy with cherry red candles and apparel. Red represents danger, caution, and high speed, getting the blood pumping at even faster speed. Red is high risk, passionate, aggressive, and extremely sexual. We don’t take no for an answer now. ‘I want the job, and I want it now’. ‘I AM taking that promotion’. ‘I AM deserving’. ‘I AM beautiful’. ‘I AM worth more that what I receive’. ‘I AM capable’. ‘I AM in control’. ‘I AM, I AM, I AM’. Get it?

Emotions may feel tension during the day as Moon opposes stubborn Saturn and excessive Jupiter. We initiate change as Mars (war) conjuncts Uranus (revolution) around dinner. In some cases, especially with all the fire in the sky, this could be very combative vibrations but it also depends on the individual situations, charts, etc. But what I am trying to project here, is that Mars goes to war, does what he needs to, doing what feel right for everyone involved. It’s forceful, energetic, and dynamic. Uranus tackles obstacles differently, as Mars charges at full speed ahead – Uranus is the intellect who will simply shut the door and ignore the banging. Uranus delivers unexpected happenings, rebellious behavior, and genius-like ideas. It’s intelligence and brainstorming at it’s best. Take this energy and use it toward your emotions and goals. Where are you headed? What are you willing to fight to get it? It is time to be different, unique and to stand out. In Mars and Aquarius in Aries, we are to step into the unknown and into the future, concentrating on beginnings and fresh starts. We could see strong shifts in our weather patterns now, strong gusts of winds that push us into our direction. Otherwise, we battle against a force, and against ourselves – which develop into frustration and/or rage. It’s do or die, and that’s where my own story of anger came about.

“You come to a point in your life when you can’t pull the trigger anymore”. Evel Knievel

With the right amount of planning, with a lot of work, we can accomplish what we set out to do as Sun opposes restrictive Saturn – but we need to beat the blues, the gloom, and the fatigue that may come our way. Either a strong choice needs to be made, or a halfway meeting place as Sun in Aries self, ego) opposes Saturn rx  in Libra (relationships). Otherwise, we end up attracting a heavy weight and extra responsibilities that slow us down considerably. Today’s insight is from Ten of Cups and Eight of Pentacles rx: Happiness is being taken for granted.

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