Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday March 20, In the Driver’s Seat, Sun in Aries

If we take a look outside our windows, we will see young buds sprouting out from the tree limbs and up from the earth. It’s an obvious sign from nature and the cosmos that this is the perfect time to come out of our shell for a new beginning and a fresh start. Happy Spring Equinox! The Sun agrees that the best time is now, being in-sync with nature, he closes the door on sleepy Pisces, to wake up and smell the roses in Aries for the next four weeks. Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that finishes the circle and represents endings. Add this with yesterday’s Full Moon cleanse, which suggested a time to release and let go. So today we start this cycle all over again, the Sun in Aries, the first sun sign who gets to kick off this new chapter in our lives. Aries loves to be first and number one. We take on new leadership for ourselves, and get back into control with our future. We’re in the driver’s seat, our ego and confidence rises, giving us the courage to face whatever is up ahead. The Sun (power, identity) joins Mercury (thoughts , communications), Jupiter (wisdom, fortune), and Uranus (change, chaos). Our hands are on the steering wheel, and our foot is on the gas. Aries is a cardinal sign, ruled by speedy Mars (energy, action), who isn’t afraid to jump in and get this party started. It’s time to energize and act on what we want, so the timing is favorable for starting fresh projects, creating new relationships, taking on new clients, new jobs, etc. At the same time, we need to remember to make friends with patience, especially with Saturn is retrograde, his foot is on the brakes to make sure we aren’t acting spontaneous. Make sure you have a solid plan, or at least a plan B. Trying to create balance may be strained as Moon opposes excessive Jupiter and nervous Mercury, with a conjunction to restrictive Saturn. We may be thinking, ‘Should I stay or should I go’? And although the Full Moon was yesterday, it is still magnifying great strength while it slowly diminishes in it’s light, so we should remember to keep a strong check on our emotions now. I wrote an article about how Saturn is re-assessing the structure in our relationships, so that Pluto can tear down and destroy what isn’t working for us anymore. You can revisit this post and read it here to see if some of it makes a little more sense. And last, don’t forget to send love some out into the cosmos today for it is International Astrology Day. Today’s insight is from Seven of Cups and Queen of Swords: We successfully burst our own bubble.

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