Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday March 27, Respect the Addiction, Venus enters Pisces

It’s a clear day in the cosmos, so we’re blessed with a clear day. As above, so below. We can totally shine as we feel amazingly productive in ambitious Capricorn. Seriously, we can shine, sparkle, cleanse, dust, wash, etc. Work feels good, and work is also good for the soul. Emotionally we need to feel secure as we seek true determination from those around us, before we consider bending. Tonight emotions and logic won’t mix well as Moon squares nervous Mercury this evening, but we eventually get out of our own way when Moon sextiles fearless Mars.

For the past weeks, Venus has been transiting freedom seeking Aquarius. Venus rules what we desire, and we may have seen a larger amount of space being created between our relationships and money. In Aquarius, we detach to intellectualize. Since January, Saturn has been REtrograding through Libra (ruled by Venus), REversing our steps, so that we can REassess the weaknesses in the foundations of our desires. Basically, we can struggle with attaining what we want if we ignore the importance to restructure – and if we avoid to research and fix the problem, we can assume that all will cave in, while Pluto (destroyer) transits Capricorn (foundations).

Venus leaves the chilly air of Aquarius today, to enter the cleansing water of Pisces. We desire and value emotional connections again. We want what we want… joy, peace, richness, and leisure. We want to feel that this moment is the only moment that counts – to feel love, to feel happy, to feel important – no matter what it costs. We want to swim in rainbows, drink, have fun, and experience the good things in life. Struggling relationships and romantic partnerships can slowly flow toward each other again, giving compassion and seeking forgiveness. We create calmness by letting go of that which blocks the natural flow. Pisces is connected to endings of cycle, dreams, healing, imagination, spirituality, and closure. Venus in Pisces values love, escape, spirituality, friends and family, creativity, and friendly connections – so we easily move past resentments and unhappiness – by ‘forgiving and forgetting’, to move forward.

Like all signs, each has a positive and negative side. The shadow side of Pisces (ruled by Neptune) as mentioned yesterday:there’s a potential for risk, Neptune isn’t known to reliable, or the best communicator – and promises may be interpreted: ‘I do not recall’. In the zodiac, Pisces is known as the two fish, one swimming forward, one swimming backward. While I have many of my own interpretations, I believe that we must know ourselves and our purpose in life by swimming many in circles, moving a little forward, making the same mistakes, that take us backwards until we get it right. If you want to move forward in life, you must develop a strong spine and stand for honor and integrity for yourself, but also for others – which is how you create balance and peace. If that spine is flimsy, weak, and undeveloped, then we have a Pisces who is flimsy and weak in what they morally stand for. The ‘lower’ Pisces will be immature, relying on lower standards and behavior – choosing to escape responsibilities through manipulation, deceit, and trickery.

As an example of true Pisces force, the Pittsburgh Steelers have two strong backbones on the team: Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger. They are a wonderful way to represent the inner strength of the fish in the bowl, who choose to live beyond their limitations by swimming and working hard for the comforts of the higher waters. Ben suffered from his Pisces addictions (again), by thinking and behaving inside his own fishbowl – with no regards as to how that would affect and imbalance him, but also his surroundings. The we have Ben swimming backwards to the starting line to see if he learns from his mistakes. Albert Einstein and Mister Rogers were amazing fish. Pisces Kurt Cobain was a musical masterpiece until reality became too much for him. Pisces Johnny Cash had success despite his struggles with addictions. Pisces Ron Jeremy takes the addiction one step further, combining fantasy and women to create a successful career in the adult entertainment industry.

Love, sex, money, fantasy, the escape plan, and addiction can feel mighty pleasurable with Venus and Mars in psychedelic Pisces, and again by all means, enjoy whatever your little heart desires! Just prepared that no matter what we give and receive, nothing is for free. There is an exchange of attachments and an exchange of energy that produce consequences of our backbone. See it for what it is, respect the addiction, and no one gets hurts. If we expect the love, the sex, or the money to continue to flow toward us without any work or responsibility our part, then shame on us. Play and have a lot of fun for the next few weeks ahead, but have an oxygen tank ready in case anyone (including ourselves) loses our footing or spine. Today’s insight is from Emperor and King of Cups: We lead a wealthy life as we honor compassion and truth.

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  1. This is great! My birthday is March 27th and my venus is in Pisces…all very relevant to me right now…thanks Suzi!

  2. Thank u Amanda!


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