Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday March 6

Enthusiasm energizes us as Moon enters warrior Aries this morning. We may be inclined to get ourselves busy and start new projects in either the business or at home. We’re taking control of things now, producing movement and change – rather than ask or wait for someone else to do it. Communications are bold and charming as we express what we want as Moon sextiles delightful Venus. Afternoon clouds begin to roll in as Moon squares party-crasher Pluto. Our experiences on the outside, are not in-tune with our inside. Stay in control of sensitivities, as reactive outbursts are likely with this fiery Moon. The evening’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction encourages us to be optimistic and enjoy the ride to move past frustrations. Insight from Ten of Wands rx and Four of Cups rx: ‘We’re pleasantly distracted and disregard responsibilities’.

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