Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday April 28

The cosmos are quiet today, giving us a chance to catch our breath and relax in the serene waters of the Pisces Moon. It is a time to let go to enjoy ourselves and dive into our wildest fantasies. Creative hearts are flowing generously with imagination, and expressing themselves artistically, physically, musically, professionally, romantically, sympathetically, or verbally. A confusing aspect between Moon and Uranus after dinner could cause us to become temporarily irritable or finicky. Be sure to communicate desires to avoid running into walls, as this Moon will be happy to produce gentle understanding and leeway. Tarot insight from Three of Pentacles and Chariot (again, out a shuffled deck of seventy-eight cards, the same cards are brought to our attention again): Your talent is your travel guide.

I’m a big kid at heart, and as I’ve been into tarot since my early twenties, I still get excited with the ‘ooh’s and ahh’s’ of the little signs in a reading or in a normal day. Noticing the smallest things in life not only keeps us present and aware, but it also gives us encouragement that there is something ‘bigger than us’ out there, which delivers hope and a positive attitude. When we are presented with a ‘sign’ or the same two cards –  the cosmos are tapping into us, to grab our attention. So whatever your individual situation, think about your talents, hobbies, and skills (Three of Pentacles), and how you can utilize them to get out of your own way (The Chariot). Rather than concentrating on the outside world, draw into yourself and use your inner desires as a way to find your true direction, or to break barriers.

As an example, there’s much that I am still finishing up on for the past three months, like taxes, work projects, business/personal paperwork, yoga training, phone readings, email readings, writing my scopes, local parties, etc. Did I mention taking care of the family, home, fridge, laundry, and cleaning the toilet? LOL. As a intuitive, the practical work of logic, numbers, calculators, filing, etc can be rather boring when you aren’t in the mood for it. That’s just plain ole work. It is also a connection to what I know in regards to Saturn retrograde, for myself and others when we’re ‘feeling’ stuck and bored. Saturn rx slows things down considerably to make sure we’re concentrated on fixing the things that we put on the back-burner. He’s here to make sure that we’re ‘dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s’. If we have goals to approach, then we must do the work to get there. The more we work, the more Saturn loves us – and the closer we are to reaching our rewards. If we prove that we can handle what he dishes, we step up on his corporate ladder. With the reminder of today’s  cards, I need to find an outlet for my creativity, as I am very focused on getting business and life back into order for my new gig’s. The Chariot on a general level is connected to the cardinal energy of Cancer the Crab. It’s about making things happen, by putting our feelings on the side. But all work and no play makes Suzi a dull story, so we are to take some time out of our day to ride our own chariot, doing something enjoyable to refuel our enjoyment and passion… even if we’re running errands, we should treat ourself to a small break of yummy coffee, a trip to the book store, or twenty minutes out in the sun and fresh air. So when we start groveling about ‘whoa is me’… we should actually set little reminders to reward ourselves with little goodies now and then, as Saturn is still retrograde for a few more weeks.

As my own treat, I’ve decided to take an extra hour in the morning for myself to do whatever I want. Rather than rush through my meditation and yoga because the phone is ringing, I plan on getting more out of it, for me. I’m going to grab that extra sunshine that we are blessed with right now, and I’m even going to enjoy doing the laundry a little more as they hang out to air dry . So for those of you reading this who are clients, I’m going to be available 11am-7pm eastern time – which a little later for me to enjoy my day, and a little later for you who enjoy a later reading.

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