Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday August 11, ‘Mine, Mine, Mine.’ Mars opposes Pluto rx

Restlessness fills the air as Mars opposes Pluto rx in the wee hours of the morning, along with a few other confusing aspects today. If you are sensitive to your surroundings like I am, you may have already felt the intense vibrations building, which increased a sense or urgency and/or uneasiness in our be-ing. With both planets as co-rulers of Scorpio, imagine the word ‘intense’ if I had capitalized it. INTENSE. Mars and Pluto are both dominating in their own way, which creates much tension with our inner and outer world. Mars is aggressive and direct, while Pluto is sneaky and manipulative. It’s like a competitve boxing match. No mercy, because there can only be one winner.

Today’s Capricorn Moon will only encourage us to stay steady on our path, and to do what we must in order to reach our goals. Determination is powerful and continues to grow, especially as Luna continues to swell for Saturday’s Full Moon. Use caution while working with machinery and driving vehicles, while impatience and speed are highlighted. Headaches, sinuses, eyes can be extremely sensitive now as well. Compromise is needed today, to avoid bumping heads. Killer instincts are available, which is great for agressive business moves, and challenging sports. Separation is possible, as something is about to fall apart. Change is required, along with meeting halfway. We need to take control of the vibes that tremble now, and create the change that we want to see, by removing what is not of value anymore. We can detach our physical selves from a situation, we can release an unreasonable attitude, we can empty toxic emotions that we choose to hold onto. Take hold of the steering wheel on this one. thin you got the picture. Later, Moon enters independent Aquarius, and sensitives are in the far distance and practically non-existant. Disappearing for some peace of mind is comforting. Tarot insight for today: Ace of Cups rx, Strength: Courageously face that empty void.

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