Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday August 25, Losing Speed to Barriers, Mars square Saturn

We’re determined to make our way as Luna squares serious Saturn, then conjuncts busy Mars. But the day could prove to be challenging, if we don’t have our ‘thinking caps’ on ~ and Mercury in retrograde isn’t going to help out matters, unless we create the right approach. Mars (energy) squares Saturn (responsibilities, discipline). These two strong energies could feel as if we’re being pushed into a corner, with no way out of a situation. Mars is a ‘bust a mover’ while Saturn is a party-crasher, laying down the rules. Actions could be stalled and put on hold today, while our own frustrations retaliate. We’re asked during this sensitive aspect to slow down considerably and to watch our footing. When push comes to shove, be mindful of boundaries. Vibrations are territorial, so avoid the crash and burn. Relationships, work, and emotional outbursts are susceptible. Use caution with signs of road rage, high speed drives, quick stepping, temperamental mood swings, and bullies.

Later, the power of love strengthens as Venus trines Pluto. We’re able to make healthy choices, in order to create something stronger. Through a natural process, we simplify our lives to what really matters. The sensitive Cancer Moon leaves us feeling vulnerable throughout the day. Temporarily step away from the outer world, and return within, for that is where the love and support that we seek is pure and real. ‘It’s so much easier for me to talk about my life in front of two thousand people than it is one-to-one. I’m a real defensive person, because if you were sensitive in my neighborhood you were something to eat.’ Richard Pryor. Tarot insight from The King of Swords rx, Three of Swords rx: A selfish mind distorts unity.

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  1. Thanks, Suzi. I love that Richard Pryor comment – don’t remember hearing it before.

    I grew up in the same kind of neighborhood, and even now occasionally have to deal with a similar energy coming from neighbors. With all that’s going on astrologically, your advice to use caution is wise. Instead of fruitless power struggles, better to nourish our own internal power source and not feed the beast. The ‘Serenity Prayer’ comes in handy at times like these. 🙂