Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday February 17

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsEverything is reflective with a Sun/Neptune conjunction this morning, so you may be pinching yourself and wondering if this could actually be real. Shiny objects, glittery personalities, and shimmering ideas. Imagination, dreams, magic, and miracles may whisper something to us as we see things in a whole different light. Illusions and reality warp. Spirituality, compassion, and forgiveness allow healing.

‘You may see many stars in the sky at night, but not when the sun rises. Can you therefore say that there are no stars in the heavens during the day? Because you can not find God in the days of your ignorance, say not that there is no God.’ Sri Ramakrishna

As Luna sextiles Saturn, we are encouraged to have patience and discipline. Instinctive Leo Moon is fearless, and enters a defensive mode as we are curious as to what may be lurking in the shadows. Issues with communication and agreement can develop as Luna opposes Mercury and Mars tonight.

Emotions are highly reactive, as a Full Moon rises in proud and majestic Leo in the wee hours of Friday Morning. We finally see growth from the seeds that were sown on the New Moon. Everything comes to light and answers that we’ve been searching for are received. We are ready to take control and create changes in a big way. The energy of the Full Moon opposes unrealistic Neptune, and to experience the world as we dream it to be, we need to get busy and create our magic.

What would you like to create in this day? Leo is the admirable leader and heroic warrior who takes care of everyone, including the self. There are four planets who are still mingling in humanitarian Aquarius. Leo rules the heart, so it is wise to concentrate on utilizing that with good heart and good intentions for all involved – as it would be the way to promote growth for everyone. The energy of the day vibrates with the number six, which is filled with generosity and knowledgeable lessons for the student, but also for the teacher. The more we give, the more receive in return – so be mindful of this as the Moon prepares to give birth. Burning a gold candle in honor of this fiery Moon can add more focus to our aim and visualization as a heart of gold. Work on your project, creating and writing your goal.

If you happen to be searching for inspiration toward higher grounds (which is highlighted in the spirited Aquarian energy), you may have an interest in meditating with the tarot affirmations that I wrote on the AstroCreeps blog with The Star card. Afterwards, it may be best to have some self-control and get an early night’s sleep on sensitivities. The message I receive from the Four of Pentacles and Five of Pentacles rx: ‘Hold your ground, something wants to shake, rattle, and roll.’ ~Starcana

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