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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday July 21

As Moon continues her journey through the heroic trails of Aries, we are encouraged to simply be brave and willing. Depending on our individual natal chart or life situations, the Aries Moon will illuminate our ego and leadership skills. If we’re uncomfortable or stressed, we may see selfish, immaturity, and quarrels beginning to develop. We all need to be focused on our own path, as well as kind to those we meet along the way. As Luna opposes Saturn by afternoon, gloom begins to darken our mood. We may want to avoid responsibilities, when we could actually accomplish much if we negotiate generously with ourselves. If stress plays a role, head issues such as sinuses, eyes, and headaches can grab our attention. Release tension with a break, some playtime, and good ole fashioned laughter. The rest of the day is aspect-free, with no planetary influences to help or hinder our motions, leaving each of us responsible for our own actions. Make it a great day. Tarot insight from Eight of Wands rx, The Moon rx: You snooze, you lose.

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