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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday July 28 Venus Struts into Leo, Mercury Embraces his Inner Geek

Venus enters Leo: Our values shift today as Venus exits nurturing Cancer, and struts her royal bottom into Leo for the next six weeks. Venus alone, is naturally polite, kind, and courteous. Now that she’s moved into a ‘high-class’ pad, our self-worth rises through the roof. We want and expect the best now. ‘That’s not good enough anymore, I deserve something better than what you are giving me. I know you keep the good stuff hidden. Ummm, I’m waiting’. Have you seen the shift within the past week, where others are becoming a little too brassy, confident, and cocky? It’s not conceit folks, it’s confidence at it’s best. No petty games and teasing. We know what we want, and we ac t on it. Simple. Venus rules love and money, and in Leo we aren’t looking for quantity, but the quality instead. Without discipline, money could go as fast as it comes in, as we’re attracted to the coolest dining spots, the hottest fashion, and the shiniest bling. We might even splurge on those cute panties that spell THE BEST. Seriously, we’re feeling better now, and even if we aren’t, we’re going to want (Venus) to feel better, so we spurge generously on ourselves. Manicures, pedicures, waxes, oils, back massages, and yes, the hair. Well, it’s always about the hair with the Leo mane. Burnt orange, sunset red, and golden highlights are popular now. Does this sound like we could all mimic the ‘high maintenance biatch’ or ‘little princess’? Maybe. But again, it’s confidence baby, and it’s important to us now with Venus in Leo.

Venus in Leo hungers for the front stage, the red carpet, and cheering fans. So what does that mean for us normal folks? Basically that it’s time to step up and prove that we are worthy and ‘all that’. We need to replenish all that adoration to those who bow down to us. It’s out of good gesture. If a King wants respect from a Queen, he must give to receive, and vice versa. If a Queen wants cheer from her fans, she must give of herself in some way. If we want attention and the royal treatment from our partners, family members, and friends, we must be able to give back. Otherwise, we have two sulking royal individuals who become hurt, defensive. unwilling to compromise.

Leo rules the spine and heart. Venus rules the throat. Who can scores big now? Those who have a strong backbone to step up to the plate, use their voice, and speak their feelings from the heart. This action allows a great flow of golden energy to weaken emotional blocks, that can magically begin to heal the energy of the heart chakra. It is time to love (Venus) like a lion (Leo)… be raw, be generous, and be courageous to honor what you say you value.

With the right approach, our energy, love, and money beam and have the capability of healing under the Sun in Leo, especially with Venus here to support and add her special touch. Making wise choices on what we love and value can allow necessary mending to happen. If relationships are still strained, we need to remember about creating balance by being fair and courteous as Saturn transits Libra (romantic and professional partnerships). Pluto the terminator, is retrograde and keeping a watchful eye on what isn’t healing in our lives ~ and she is simply looking for the right signal to remove toxicities. If you truly value what you are struggling with, make sure that you are stepping up to the plate, and doing what you need to do, in order to create balance.

Mercury enters Virgo: Our thought-processing and communication skills slow down now as Mercury steps out from the limelight of Leo, and into a more comfortable setting, which is usually behind a computer, calculator, and desk. Mercury returns home, and we connect to our inner geek. Our thoughts become less glamorous and more down to earth. We think for ourselves, and enjoy our solitude and company. We’re reflecting, meditating, and assessing our lives, and analyzing where we are growing. We are interested in taking better care of ourselves and what we own. It’s important as we stay mentally active during the next three weeks, to give ourselves an outlet, or we can experience an imbalance of too much thinking, that can produce worry, anxiousness, and insomnia. The body will need to release all this nervous stress, highlighting our digestive tract and bowels. Seriously, it’s got to empty out somewhere. Todays tarot insight from Knight of Cups rx, Page of Wands rx: Relying on excuses, only deceives us.

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