Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday June 2, Talkin’ the Talk, Mercury in Gemini

Mercury returns to his natural home in friendly Gemini today, allowing our thoughts to stray from the heavy realm of Taurus, into informational excitement. Mercury is the expert speaker, ruling communications, thought processing, and transmission. In Gemini, our brains are digesting all sorts of information now (that’s right, we’re eating for two, with the twins!), while we’re expressing our thoughts as quickly as they come in. Everything is quick, as ideas flow in, and words flow out. The information that we are taking in is light and frilly, which means we can just stuff ourself until we’ve had enough. All this data will move in several different directions, which can cause us to feel scattered, overwhelmed, or anxious. If we’re in control of our mind, we’re probably multi-tasking.  Our minds will pick up speed during the next three weeks, and yesterday’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini gave us a nice kick off to the month. We’re mentally stretching beyond ourselves and preparing to socialize, hang out with friends, network with colleagues, make phone call, texts, and writing than normal. Ideas are bouncing like mexican jumping beans, so be sure to record and log them. A loss of sleep can also be expected with too much activity in the brain, so be sure to balance it with an evening stroll in the neighborhood. Tarot insight from King of Swords, Six of Swords: Ideas are a dime a dozen, but nothing permeates.

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