Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday June 23

We’re injected with a boost of energy as Moon blazes her way into excitable Aries during the wee hours of the morning. Our emotions are in high gear as they digest the powerful force of the ram, which is Aries zodiac symbol. We’ll be experiencing a strong desire to stand, move, and create. Start something interesting and new today. Sensitivities will be inflamed and fired up over the next few days, meaning we’re highly reactive if rubbed wrong.

We may need to create a plan then apply ourselves right away, or we could lose track of our adventurous day as Luna squares intimidating Sun, then sextiles jumpy Mars. As she conjuncts Uranus this afternoon, we may be surprised as we reach out of ourselves for a brilliant vision. By dinner, old issues may begin to haunt us and leave us feeling out of control as Moon squares Pluto around dinner. Take a time out and listen to our deepest vulnerabilities crying out, to understand what we’re really experiencing inside. Tarot insight: The Emperor and Three of Swords: We’re responsible for our own pain.

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