Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday March 24, Breathe for Today

The sky’ is clear today. Just a few minor aspects can deliver opportunities of joy and optimism as Luna trines fortunate Jupiter, while sextiling Saturn and allowing us to experience positive vibes for taking care of duties we had put on the back burner a few months ago. The Sagittarius Moon keeps us feeling adventurous and bubbly no matter what we pursue.

We have many planets in Aries now… Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, adding Venus, Mars, and the New Moon to that list in April. Aries is courageous and action-oriented, giving us the ability to take back our power. We are encouraged to put the past behind us, and to open ourselves to a new chapter. Yesterday, I had some insight from two cards posted on twitter, that spelled out today’s thoughts from the Judgment card and the Ace of Wands: ‘Memories serve no value except for lessons learned – Live and breathe for today’. I thought how perfect, especially for what the planets and their positions are symbolizing. How valuable is it to you, to hold onto words that were said in the past, emotions that were felt yesterday, or actions that were taken a long time ago? We can either hang onto the dread, or learn from it to redesign our life. The energy right now is so raw, spontaneous, and active – it’s the perfect time to plan and reinvent ourselves and our life. Maybe it’s not moving as fast as we’d like. It’s not suppose to, not while Saturn is retrograde and helping us to restructure our life and relationships. Recycle whatever has happened into experienced wisdom. Otherwise, you are missing all of these fiery vibes to grow, live, and be happy. It’s time to separate the mirage from reality, and to breathe fresh air. Today’s insight is from Three of Pentacles and Ten of Swords: Create closure, or find a solution.

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  1. Thanks for your ‘breath of fresh air’, Suzie. Perfect advice for a Spring day!

  2. Thank you Luna!


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