Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday May 12, Initiate Your Dreams, Mars sextile Neptune

We need to have everything organized and in order with today’s particular Virgo Moon. We may be a bit more critical and seeking perfection. Disinfecting the grime in our life, relationships and work may be the only way to go as we find flaws in many instances of our world. All sparkles later as Moon trines Sun.

Ignited Mars makes a friendly sextile to dream-maker Neptune. The more activity that we invest into our day and goals, the more opportunities we come across. With Mars in Taurus, we’re not afraid to dedicate ourselves, working it one day at a time. With Neptune in Pisces, we’re becoming one with understanding, while healing our surroundings and our inner selves. Be creative and express yourself. Tarot Insight from The Hierophant, The Lovers: The law of attraction, as Trill recognize Trill. (Being true + real = trill).

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