Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday May 19

We’re given a reason to smile as the Sagittarian Moon trines joyous Jupiter this morning. Luna will shift herself into hardworking Capricorn, making us all business and no play. Our mood becomes more serious and conservative in these earthy vibes, but a friendly sextile to dreamy Neptune helps us to become more creative with our work. As she squares eccentric Uranus later, we acquire a strange taste for something different. Tarot insight from Seven of Cups, Four of Swords: We’re hope to put it all together.

I’d like to make a small mention to say Happy Anniversary to my adorable husband, who has been my best friend and my rock for twenty amazing years, I love you babe.

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  1. PeaceBEE says


    …just remember, it takes TWO.

    Happy Anniversary to you Both!

  2. Thank you so much PeaceBee! Fortunately, we are both influenced by Libra in our chart, so we’re in-sync about working together!