Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday August 16, Recreating Our Perspective and Personal Welfare, Neptune Rx Aquarius

What we appreciate becomes powerfully illuminated as Sun conjuncts Venus (values, love, money) early this morning. The Full Moon over the weekend assisted in this, as intentions and needs were in the process of being revealed during Luna’s release in freedom-seeking Aquarius. Communications that may have caused misunderstandings, encourage inquisitive curiosities and courteous manners now as Mercury rx conjuncts Venus. Later this evening, Moon steps out from the cozy slumber of Pisces, and into the dashing adventures of Aries. Emotionally, we can find ourselves feeling more passion to create movement in our lives. Most likely, we’ll feel our energy reviving over the next few days. As Sun conjuncts Mercury rx, clouds are removed, allowing us to see where we’re stepping, to correct our path. Confidence returns in our words, to allow healing. Contacts, socializing, and short trips will probably be more than normal, with phones ringing, extra texts, and with machinery begins running smoothly again.

While I was on vacation, I took a break from writing too, but Neptune who has been retrograding in Pisces, re-entered Aquarius that week on August 4th. Neptune comes along and blurs our sight, to makes things a little gentler for us, sorta like digesting a fine glass of wine. So as she steps back into Aquarius, she is here to soften our vision and our version of the truth, to allow a smoother flow to move within ourselves. This can allow us to re-dream and recreate our future, and what we actually want for ourselves. With so much chaos happening in the world, our lives, and/or our relationships, we can be so focused on ‘rediscovering our own positive being’ that we can forget that others will be ‘fighting for their own unique selves’ as Uranus continues to retrograde through Aries. Then as Saturn transits in Libra (professional and personal relationships), we are to build proof that we can have respect for ourselves, but also for the relationships that we love and respect. We can try and hold onto as much as we want, but things are happening behind the cosmic scene as Pluto (purge, transformation) retrogrades through Capricorn (government, business, savings, reputations, tradition), taking the toxic attitudes, emotions, or whatever completely out, once and for all. The infected area of where this thorn in our side has been, will only continue to spread like cancer, and consume everything, unless we find the courage to face the pus, remove the decay, so that deep healing can take place. Tarot insight with Judgment, The High Priestess: Forgive yourself.

‘The well bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves’. Oscar Wilde

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