Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday August 23, Feng Shui of the Spirit for Good Living, Sun enters Virgo

As Luna travels through the light currents of Gemini, we feel as free as the Moon herself. We’re friendly and reach out from ourselves, to socialize through short trips, phone calls, texts, and letter writing.

After a fiery stage show in dramatic Leo for the past weeks, the Sun cools the intensity to settle us down into the earthy plains of Virgo. Energies calm, as we come back into our own, and we acknowledge the importance of resolving ongoing issues. We become more responsible, realizing our reality, and ready to do what we need to, to put things right. We’re adding good hygiene and self-care back into ourselves, and into our lives. We’re familiar with the cobwebs of past mistakes, so we’re cleaning away the dust of what we can still use, while pitching away the rest. It’s feng shui for the spirit of good living.

Sun beams his great light down upon us, so that we, ‘the harvester’ can be aware as to what we have been doing with all of all our time and energy. With the Sun in Virgo for the next four weeks, we look at our life and relationships for what it is, with a a little extra time to scramble and correct what we shrugged off. It is time to come back to earth, to evaluate what we have, and what we don’t have. With Sun (spirit, identity) and Venus both in Virgo, we give ourselves permission to grow physically, spiritually, and financially ~ and Jupiter (abundance) is delivering goodness and blessings in workhorse Taurus. Work and financial opportunities become available for the determined, which allow blocks to slowly disappear, especially as Venus (love, money, values) has our back. We’re more aware, waking to the present, versus the shadows of yesterday. We’re conscious of what it all means to us. Growth in relationships has much potential, but depends on healthy communications, trust and genuine commitment.

On the flip side, the ego can become a bit dysfunctional on its ‘flaw-finding’ expedition. On one side, we could be so busy critiquing others and the outside world, that we lose track of our own imperfections. We could also be too hard on ourselves, unable to ignore our natural defects and blemishes that create our own uniqueness. Anxiousness, worry, fear, and sleepless nights are possible, as we obsess over general details, what if’s, physical beauty, and what we’re doing for others – rather than appreciating and enhancing our inner gifts. ‘Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, make sure that you are, in fact, not just surrounded by assholes.’ William Gibson. Tarot insight from King of Wands, Temperance rx: Understanding others is easy when you listen through your heart.

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